Music Review: "Body Party"- Ciara

Now...I don't usually do this (entertainment reviews), but Ciara's new music video has me excited. I definitely loved it, let me tell you why:

1. It's an overall really good song! Ciara always makes good music since the "Goodies" era, and even though she didn't do so well with her 3rd album (I don't pay attention to album sales anyway honestly), her music is good. She really has her own sound and stays consistent with it.

2. The dancing: Oh how I miss dancing in music videos. Ciara never disappoints when it comes to dancing. As a dancer, I loved it. I was clapping my hands while watching the video lol. I was ready to jump out my seat & hit that Wala Cam slow roll (if you from the Chi, you should know what that is haha, if not, YouTube it!) The girl got sickeing skills A lot of people say she isn't that good of a singer (which she doesn't have to have a powerhouse voice like Whitney, Faith, or Mariah anyway, her voice works for her in my opinion), her dancing adds some extra flavor!

3. The overall video was fun. It was really cute with her and Future in it, the mood, choreo, the song itself. With so many music videos having the same repetitive themes (strippers, vixens, liquor, a bunch of dudes jumping around talking about how many 'hoes' and 'bad b*tches' they have even though there are none in the video, etc) it was really refreshing to see something other than that. That's what I'm talkin' bout. Put a lil' pop in it, but keep it overall r&b.

It's also refreshing to see an r&b/pop singer other than Rihanna or Beyonce come back like this (in my opinion at least) I miss the days where there were more than 2 main r&b/pop singers in the scene. Ya know, back in the day when there was Ashanti, Amerie, Brandy, Christina Milian, Nivea, Monica, etc plus new girls coming on the scene. (But that's another story for another time)...

I really like that Ciara has her own sound, her own style, and stays consistent with her music. When she first came out, a lot of people (including myself) compared her to Aaliyah with the whole sexy tomboy thing she had going on. Then a lot compared her to Janet Jackson saying "She'll never be Janet" or "She wants to be like Janet." She has certainly grown into her own person with her own style, sound, and image. She's not Aaliyah, Janet, she's Ciara. Her own person.

So far, this is about the 4th song I've heard from her upcoming album and I'm liking them all. I don't even care for new music like that, but I think I will probably purchase this one.

Video: Ciara- Body Party