Everybody Got an Opinion: Non-Factor Celebrities

This is true, everybody has an opinion about things going on in the world whether it has to do with entertainment, politics, societal issues, etc. Nothing wrong with that at all. We are all entitled to our own opinions and have the right to express them, especially with social media platforms. But what I want to type about today is opinions concerning celebrities who are not considered as "A-List" celebrities.

First off, I feel like in this society, there is TOO much focus on celebrities. It's just insanity and it's definitely an inferiority complex applied to the obsession, but we'll cover that topic later. Now it's funny when people talk about "B-List" and "C-List" celebrities like Ray J, Lil' Mama, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, etc saying they're "non-factors", "irrelevant" and what have you.

SN: I believe the terms "non-factor" and "irrelevant" where coined by someone from one of these reality shows started saying it a lot. You know how that goes. Then people start over-using certain terms.

Anyway, it's funny when people talk about the celebs who aren't on a Jay-Z and Beyonce status like they're lesser than, but what if Ciara is a non-factor as a B or C List celebrity, what does that make you as someone who is not a celebrity? Keri Hilson might not have Beyonce's status, but let's be honest, she has a career, money, some kind of social status, which are all deemed as important in American society, regardless of the amount of fame someone has. And people who call her irrelevant have what? A Twitter account.

At the end of the day (even though I don't agree with it) technically, even a B List celebrity still has more relevance and importance than someone who is not a celebrity because of her career, money, and status. If someone is irrelevant, a has-been, or whatever, why even discuss them? Why make them a Trending Topic on Twitter? Why make them even more popular?

I don't like bragging about celebrities, especially when it comes to their money because it's not like they're paying my tuition nor do I like demeaning people by using terms like "nobodies", but it's like dude......Ray J, Lil' Mama, Michelle Williams and the rest of the celebrities who supposedly "fell off" or are seen as jokes to the media, but at least their doing something with their lives (whether it's publicized or not) and trying to be financially stable. And if a regular person is making fun of a B-List celebrity in order to uplift the social and economic status of celebrities like Kim K and Kanye, what do you think they will think of you? If you think Rihanna looks down on someone like Ciara because she is not as "relevant" as she is (at the moment), she will probably look at you as the scum of the earth for being a regular individual.

Has it ever occurred to some of you all that everyone does not want to live to over excessive famous lifestyle where paparrazi is stalking you and your family every minute of the day? Where your life is constantly being scrutinized under a microscope. It is very possible to be well-off and genuinely happy being a C-List celebrity as much as it is being a regular person.

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