"Proving Someone Wrong Is the Best Feeling Ever"...No, Not Really

Actually, I can name 5 feelings better than supposedly proving someone wrong:

  1. The feeling you get tasting the first bite of chocolate cake
  2. The feeling that you know God has your back and will never let you down
  3. Having a feeling of genuine confidence and anything you touch will turn into gold
  4. Feeling good after accomplishing a goal that you wanted to pursue
  5. The feeling of genuine happiness and being content with yourself
Let me tell you why I disagree with the well known quote "proving someone wrong is the best feeling ever"...Let me be frank, it's because in my humble opinion they have power over you and you feel the need to prove them wrong. It's even equivalent with the sayings "I do this for my haters." "Haters make me grind harder." Why are you doing things that are supposed to make YOU progress, for your 'haters'.... if you even have any. Just saying. (Y'all know everybody want haters nowadays...)

So let's say you're in class and you mention to a classmate that you find a certain activity interesting. Let's say painting. And the classmates starts being negative saying "Oh, I bet you can't paint tho." A lot of times in these situations or in situations similar, people feel the need to prove to the naysayers that they are indeed talented and successful in this area they told them they would be unsuccessful in. That's where you mess up. Why are you doing something for someone else? Life is NOT about proving other people wrong! Whether you were successful in proving this classmate you could paint or not, you just did something for someone else, not the progress and benefit of YOURSELF.

Now all that people have to do is test your self-esteem or self-confidence, and they will have you doing all type of stuff you probably don't even want to do just for the simple fact you feel the need to prove them wrong. You don't even want to be a doctor, but you're going to school for it just because someone said you couldn't be one. They control you through your self-esteem and have power over you. When they move, you move. Just like that.

This is one of the many reasons why many people have monetary success, but they still aren't happy. Their life decisions are made through the negative manipulation of their self-esteem, not their own choices and dreams. You can't genuinely be happy with yourself if you're trying to keep up with others and prove your talents and worth to others. If there was much effort put in trying to progress for your own benefit as there was trying to prove others wrong, genuine progress and happiness with oneself would be made.

(SN: I keep emphasizing on genuinity because everybody says they're happy, everyone says they're confident and have good-self esteem and self-love. Nowadays that's one of the many things you're supposed to say, everyone wants to be seen as a good person obtaining those qualities. But if that was really the truth, would so many people be jealous, envious, unhappy, competitive, and trying so hard to prove themselves to others? Let's be honest for a minute. The actions and the way you carry yourself in public and in private speaks louder and it speaks volumes. That's when it's genuine.)

Skip the naysayers. Tune the negativity out. You don't have to prove anything to anybody else. And when you are genuinely content with yourself, you will understand that. I think that's the problem with many people nowadays. Everyone wants to be important, everybody wants to prove to others that they are indeed out here "grinding". ( I hate that term & how it's overused by the way.) That they are indeed out here "making moves" (which honestly ain't the truth, but chile we will get on that subject another day another time)

And it's funny because many times people will say "I don't care what anybody thinks or says about me." "I don't care about other people's opinions about me", "I don't care." "Idgaf", "_____ (insert name) is irrelevant to me" with the quickness. If that was the truth, proving other people wrong would not be so important, it would be the last thing on your mind because you out here doing your thing. If you really didn't care, and this person was so irrelevant to you, you would not be trying so hard to prove them wrong. You about to start on your OWN projects that YOU WANT TO DO. So even if that classmate says you can't paint, and hey you admit it, that's not really your forte, (it's probably not the naysayer's forte either) you have other ideas and talents to pursue and be successful at. Actions speak louder. 

As for the naysayers, like I mentioned previously, tune them out and keep them at a distance. A lot of times they put your ideas and dreams down because they don't have any, their dreams aren't working out too well, or because they are simply simple minded. Now, if you do happen to achieve something you actually wanted to do and happened to prove a naysayer wrong, cool good for you. Be humble, don't brag about it, and keep going.

My advice for people who feel the need to prove others wrong all the time is to work on yourself. Work on building confidence, good self-esteem, and blocking negativity out of your life. Write down a list of goals and ideas that YOU genuinely want to pursue. Speak into existence being content with your life and work on advancing your talents and ideas. Real success includes being content with your decisions and yourself.

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