Yeezus, "New Slaves", Capitalism, & Hip-Hop

"Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop"

Hip-Hop has been capitalized for some time. Black American music in general from Blues to Hip-Hop has always been under a somewhat 'control'. A fine example is in the movie starring Jamie Foxx "Ray" as well as "Cadillac Records" where you clearly see White-American music producers and execs in charge of conducting the way the music was manufactured where at the end of the day, they were reaping majority of the fruits of the labor. Because of the ignorance, lack of genuine, concrete, and in depth knowledge and pride of Black American history and culture, as well as the effects of slavery which last to this day, this information is swept under the rug and not brought to the light.

The reason hip-hop had and continues to have such a strong influence is because it was made by and for inner city youth. Kids from the streets taking initiative and creating something positive, especially hence the fact Hip-Hop was officially established during the Black Power Movement Era (also ran by young people) of the 1970's and began reaching its peak following the U.S. government funded Crack Epidemic of the 1980's. This was proof of the African American community once again turning lemons into lemonade. Yet, the Crack Epidemic and the destruction of the the Black family structure were some of the factors as to why it was so easy for record labels to slide in and manipulate hip-hop as they continue to do. Think about it, many of these kids lacked the resources and tools to progress academically and socially, and make it out the hood. With the supposed 'help' from record companies, they would be rewarded with money and fame for their talents. This advantage taken was manipulation by the record companies where some artists were purposely told by execs to promote things like liquor, drugs, sex, and Black on Black crime in their lyrics. (Notice how these elements are widely advertised and promoted in the Black community and in hip-hop lyrics)

How did mainstream hip-hop go from "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to the majority of it being drill, trill, party, twerk music? Of course times changes, of course there has always been party tracks, and of course every song doesn't have to be 'conscious' and people (including myself) like to have fun and party from time to time, but let's be honest, hip-hop went backwards. From the essence, style, lyricism, and production, it somewhat deteriorated and downgraded throughout the decades. A music genre coming out of the Black Power Movement should NOT have resulted in what we have today. 
I even heard Jay-Z's upcoming album is going platinum and hasn't even been released yet. How the hell can I take this new age of hip-hop seriously when this happens? Teamed up with Samsung, go figure! But oh so 'anti-capitalist', SMH. It's not about MUSIC, it's about MONEY, and the listeners, the fans ain't gettin' a dime off of it. It's a JOKE and if you can't see what's going on, you are in deep denial.

Reference: Scarface Says "Hip Hop Is White Now," Blames Record Executives
Yes you have the faces of hip-hop (keyword: FACES): Jay-Z, Kanye, Diddy who are all making millions, but what people fail to realize is that they have bosses as well. They are not running hip-hop. But you can't say these things out loud because you'll be labeled as a "hater". And once people stop using the word "hater" so frequently and learn to pick up a book or watch a documentary as much as they bask in b.s., and educate themselves, they will understand this and perhaps the simple minded and basic brain cells in their systems will explode, demolish, and evaporate. Amen. "We gon go to church and pray for y'all."

We're the "New Slaves" and who is this "Yeezus" person?

So I heard this song "New Slaves" by Kanye a few weeks ago, and I think it's b.s. I think it's b.s. because as I stated earlier, I find it ironic how these mainstream hip-hop artists like Kanye and Jay-Z (who recently made about him going to Cuba, which I'm sure was a publicity stunt) seem so anti-capitalist but they're working under a capitalistic industry. That's why when people began putting Kanye and the song on a pedestal, I had to look at them side-eyed. Because if it's that critical, why do people continue to vote every 4 years and believe everything politicians tell them? (But that's another story for another time)

I do appreciate him putting the facts that he did out there because on someone actually could learn more about what's really going on behind the scenes. It could positively effect someone if done correctly. But even though he is educating the listener, he is still on b.s., for example with the line: "See they'll confuse us with some bullsh*t like the 'New World Order" So he's acknowledging the fact that citizens are the "new slaves", but diminishing the facts about the "New World Order" which he refers to as "bullsh*t". I'm not even going to touch on that subject in this post, but this is why I don't funk with him or this fake anti-capitalism tomfoolery. 

Watch: George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

So then, I go on Twitter one day, and see the Trending Topic "Yeezus" which was supposed to be Kanye's new album. I thought it was a lie until I saw some confirmation. It didn't surprise me because with Kanye's attitude, and questionable lyrics and symbolism he's been representing, it was almost expected.  I'm all for freedom of speech, but comparing yourself to God on that level? Taking it too far. Where's the outrage, especially from the Christian community? You could not pull that with the Jewish community, the Muslim community, because they would go IN. He said he has 'God' featured on his album? Which 'God'? The 'God' of darkness and hell?

We as people are always talking about how we dislike arrogance and cocky attitudes but will be so quick to support and invest money into these arrogant ass artists and entertainers who do nothing for their communities and could give a damn about us. Yeezus. How is that humble? Please tell me. I don't like that. I don't like when any artist does it. And the fact that people will kiss his ass and call him that is beyond me! I'm not listening to the album. From reading others' reviews, the majority have stated that it's not all that and it's the same self centered rhetoric he has created in the past. And I will admit, I am probably wrong for pre-judging his work before I listened to it as a whole, but that blasphemy is not about to vex my spirit.

That's what it is. It's blasphemy and disrespect. But look at our society, full of disrespectful people and disrespectful actions being praised. So it's no wonder why people, including Christians are accepting this. And yes, we're all sinners, all imperfect and flawed. We all fall short of God, but when you knowingly do something like this, I can't rock with you, and that's just me. Same with Jay-Z and his nickname "Hova" (close to "Jehovah"), and once again it's beyond me that Christians can call this man that. I'm not praising any MAN. You don't have to like or agree with Christianity, or any other spiritual or religious belief, but the disrespect is unnecessary and spiteful to me. And while we on the subject, why are  Kanye, Jay-Z along with many other artists so obsessed with religion, preferably Christianity? Out of all the religions in the world , it's always Christianity that is being disrespected. Something ain't right. 

When Kanye first dropped the song "New Slaves", I honestly felt like people were acting like this was the second coming of Christ. People even went as far to begin comparing him to Bob Marley and 2Pac.

SN: And see, this is my problem with this new generation and this new aged society. This is why I can't get down with this new aged thinking and idealisms. Nowadays anybody can be given the title of philanthropist, humanitarian, activist, etc, without GENUINELY helping people and GENUINELY being there for the people. This is what happens when the education system promotes fake intelligence and merely memorizing academic criteria to be considered "smart". This is what happens when common sense is not 

You tweet and make a status with a couple of positive quotes, say a few conscious lines in songs, put on an obvious front like you're someone you're not, and folks will start claiming you to be the 21st century Dr. King or Mother Theresa. The same thing happened with Jay-Z's song "Open Letter".  I saw so many people riding his coat tail on this one, but did not for once take into realization that celebrities do publicity stunts or think about how a millionaire working under a capitalist industry, who was chilling with President Obama and his wife during election season...could be so 'anti-capitalist' all of a sudden. 

So we're really going compare Kanye to 2Pac and Marley now? I live in Chicago and since last year there has been a lot of violence in the city especially targeted towards kids and teenagers, and has Kanye (who used to always 'rep' his home 'Chi-Town' primarily during the 'College Dropout' era) been here? NO. Has Kanye did so much to even comment on it? NO. Not saying he's supposed to be the savior or the hero and he has to fix everything because he's from Chicago and has money, that's not his responsibility, but before y'all fall for this 'power to the people' b.s. and want to act like he's such a humanitarian, get the facts straight and stop lying to yourself. Just because he made some references to the violence and racism in a couple songs doesn't mean he gives a damn. I'm just sayin'. 

As a matter of fact, I feel like he somewhat even embraced the violent gang culture nature by hoping on the remix of the song "I Don't Like" by Chief Keef. Man, that's a 17 year old kid with Asperger syndrome who raps about killing and shooting people, and we gon act like it's cool but when these kids are getting shot by other kids in the hood we want to yell "Stop the violence". Ok. I'm not even going to touch on that subject today either. 

As stated previously, Kanye and Jay-Z are some of the most powerful FACES of hip-hop being controlled by people/corporations in the background. For Pete's sake, Jay-Z be posted in the cut chillin' with Obama! Y'all will believe anything these people with power and money tell y'all and it's SAD. Especially coming from a generation of kids who can't stop talking about how they don't trust anybody. Can we put 2 and 2 together? How you gonna be pro-capitalism and pro-people? Baby, wake up and smell the coffee, pancakes, sausage, and eggs. And donating money to charities for a funky tax write off don't count to me as helping the people.

In Conclusion

I feel like people need to start actually doing research, reading, and stop being fooled by everything these rappers as well as people with money and fame in general, say. Yes Kanye has somewhat always kept it real and conscious, great producer, talented without a doubt, but this new title of work is blatantly disrespect and arrogant to the highest power.

I appreciate the music that both Jay-Z and Kanye have made (especially with me admiring their work and being inspired with my own emceeing) and to an extent, even their influence on hip-hop (because that as well can be problematic once analyzed with valid facts, but that would mean you have to know something about African American History and African American music right? Right.) but we need to foreal stop acting like these celebrities care so much about 'the people'. 

Let me be frank. I'm not here for the 2Pac and Bob Marley comparisons. I'm not here for comparing yourself to Jesus Christ. I'm not here for the 'anti-capitalist act but don't give a damn about the people' roles either. THINK ABOUT IT! These celebrities and politicians making millions effortlessly and YOU cool with it. Not only are you cool with it, but you embrace it and invest more money into them and get barely anything out of it. Yes there are some talented entertainers, but making millions to sing and rap? And people continue to put more money into it? But can't put money into their communities and want to complain about schools shutting down and violence? Baby it's beyond me, but it's their money and they can do what they please with it. 

In conclusion, if you personally just appreciate the music, go ahead and do you. Honestly that's all people care about now, is the music in regards of the production, and yes the lyrics in terms of punchlines, metaphors, etc, but not the MESSAGE the artist gives and that's the problem. It's entertaining, but it's not just entertainment, it's a reflection of our society and where we're going as a people. Art imitates life. So if the majority of mainstream music is about partying, drugs, bad b*tches, liquor, and sex, what does that tell us about our society today? And as I stated previously, everything doesn't have to be 24/7 conscious, everyone likes to have a good time, and there are some people who are living the lifestyles mainstream music represents. But everything is not about getting high and turning up all the time, and as long as there's no variety or substance, there's going to be a lot more distractions on front street and a lot mess going on behind the scenes. Because at the end of the day, all of this foolishness being embraced and put on pedestals in a distraction of what's important.

As for the "Yeezus" nonsense, I know everybody doesn't believe in my God Yahweh and His Son Yeshua, but me, as a Christian, no man. Kanye West took it too far with this one. The disrespect will not be tolerated or embraced and you will not prosper with a disrespectful, arrogant attitude. 



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