Music Review: Ciara (album)- Ciara

Ciara's self-titled album "Ciara" dropped July 5th making it her 5th studio album since the release of her 2004 album "Goodies".

In the fall of 2012, I heard 2 songs of hers that were supposed to be on this album, "Sorry" and another version of "Sophomore" which is on the album. I initially thought the song "Sorry"was going to be on the album since there was a music video for it, but there was an album name change and I assume many other things being changed for the final piece.

I liked this album, but I wish it could have been longer! What I like about Ciara's music is that she always is true to her style especially when it comes to production, style, and the overall essence. There were a lot of pop/r and b songs to dance to on this album. I wish she would have took it back to some more stronger r and b songs. I really wasn't feeling the Future and 2 Nicki Minaj collabs. I didn't really like Future's voice on the song "Where You Go" and instead of Nicki Minaj on 2 songs, I think she should have gotten someone else in her place. I would love to hear a collaboration (and music video filled with dope choreo!) with her and Janet Jackson and even another with Chris Brown (she did a song with him on the "Fantasy Ride" album) On this album I felt that some song themes and lyrical content could have been more mature (not explicit necessarily), but her target audience is teen girls and young adults. My favorite songs on the album are "Sophomore", "Body Party". "DUI". and "Overdose". Really cute, fun, dance tracks, and I hope she continues to make more music videos to the songs on the album. 

I think Ciara should push herself way more as an artist. I see so much potential in her. Her music videos for the songs off "Ciara" are decent, but as awesome as a dancer she is I feel they could have been way better in terms of the concepts and even some new choreography. Nowadays with Rihanna and Beyonce being two of the main, and seemingly only, mainstream Black female r&b/pop artists (opposed to the early 2000's for example where you had Ashanti, Amerie, Christina Milian, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, etc) I feel like she should have stepped it up and showed out some more, but then again I see her simply being herself with the way she has handled music & videos. Although on the Billboards the album made number 2 the first week, promo could have been better as well. 

A lot of people say she can't sing because of her light soprano voice, and that she is a Janet Jackson and Aaliyah clone but I beg to differ. Janet Jackson, Aaliyah (to an extent), Brandy, and others have those light voices as well. It's also ironic people say she can't sing while there are so many 'artists' in the mainstream industry that they will say are dope and will praise who don't have any talent...but that's another story for another time! In terms of the Janet Jackson and Aaliyah comparisons, as an influence yes I see it, but as a "clone", no. Granted, the "Body Party" cover album was very similar to Janet Jackson's "All For You" cover album, but this is no case where there is blatant Nicki Minaj & Lil' Kim swagger jacking. Aaliyah was more r&b and had a sexy tomboy style going on. I see Ciara as more girly and pop. 

Overall, I give this album 3.5/5

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