Nicki Minaj Uses Malcolm X Pic for Song #LookingAssNigga

Last week, Queens rapper Nicki Minaj dropped a song titled "Looking Ass Nigga". I'm not understanding why people have a problem with the song when there has been songs made like this from males and females for over a decade in hip-hop/rap. If were going to get "mad" about that, let's get mad about all the rest of these disrespectful songs. The main issue here is her using the famous Malcolm X picture for the song art. It's obviously to stir up controversy for her upcoming album, but at the cost of disrespecting a historical Black hero and figure such as the late Malcolm X? Celebrities are stooping very low for attention even more than before in attempt to sell generic controversy, and it's disgusting. But what else would you expect from the same person who disrespected the female rappers that came before her all the while trying to jack their swag.

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