Media & Dysfunctional Relationships

   Deceptive cyber relationships on "Catfish". Dysfunctional couples on "LHHATL". A White House mistress on "Scandal" that could give Monica Lewinsky a run for her money. "Being Mary Jane", repetition of lyrics such as "these hoes ain't loyal", every other week a "sidechick" exposing a sports player or rapper. Why, this certainly isn't our grandparents generation. There's no wonder so many younger people, who these shows, images, and songs in pop culture are targeted to, seem to have such fervent "trust issues" and lack the desire to establish healthy, long-lasting relationships. 

   Toxic relationships seem to be popular in today's culture, and honestly praised since so many of us tune in to these shows every week to "get our life", and consume this propaganda. Nowadays, it's expected in real-life relationships for both parties to disrespect one another whether it be by cheating, exposing secrets and private pictures to the public, or pretty much purposely causing drama. Jokes and memes about "sidechicks" and cheating males are frequently made, but there is much honesty to the paranoia people have when it comes to romantic relationships. 

   With families and community building not being centered priorities as they once were, celebrity worship and popular culture have taken over. Many of us "regular folk" look to celebrities, television, and other media-based distractions to follow what's "hot" for the moment, only failing to realize that everything promoted is calculated under the umbrella of capitalism, and accepted based on years of miseducation, brainwashing, and ignorance. Following the lifestyles of the rich and famous is what's important to many of us, hence the fact discussions about reality show drama and stars are widely had. With that being said, the extra attention on pop culture is where and why negative idealogies of romance and relationship is being placed on a pedestal.

   What pop culture is teaching us about relationships is: to be dysfunctional means to love. Pain and drama supposedly equals love, because you know what they say say: "love hurts". The era of healthy relationships and family models in shows like "The Cosby's", "227", and other shows has ended, specifically when it comes to Black people. (Let's be honest, the majority of these images, and songs are made by and for Black people). 

   It's very obvious that this is another exercise of media and pop culture propaganda promoting the battle of the sexes, distrust, and a continuation of negative stereotypes. When creating posts related to pop culture, I always try to mention how images are used as weapons that effect ones psyche. Media and pop culture are some of the most successful tools used in brainwashing the masses. It's not just "entertainment" anymore, and in many cases it never was to begin with. When dysfunction is normalized and acted out on an everyday basis, it's psychological warfare and it's working. Art is supposed to imitate life, not the other way around. 

   What's in us that loves drama and dysfunction so much? Many of us yell about positivity but we eat up negativity and drama about people's lives in the media like it's Thanksgiving dinner. We sometimes are quick to be upset at the way Black people are negatively portrayed in the media, but forget that we are the ones supporting the shows, music, and images. This isn't made to scare anyone or tell anyone to stop watching these shows. Honestly, many of us have our guilty pleasures and enjoy a dose of drama and ratchet comedy every now and then, plus we all have different tastes in shows, movies, etc. This is to encourage us all to be mindful of what kind of images and music we consciously and subconsciously consume and what we think "entertainment" is. It's to encourage to think more critically, and comprehend what goes on behind the scenes in the "entertainment business. 

   Let's examine and raise the question of why there aren't healthy families, romantic (and even platonic) relationships embraced in pop culture/the media as much as baby mama/baby daddy drama, scandals, and sidechicks are?  It's important to understand how the tool of the media is used and what is promoted with repetitive themes and images. 

For more research of this topic, I'd encourage whoever's reading this to look into subjects like "Media Brainwashing" and "Capitalism and the Media". 

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