#MadTV Cast Reunion January 2016

Since middle school, I have always been a fan of the sketch comedy show "Mad TV". I remember watching it ever Saturday night at 10 pm getting my laugh on. So of course when I heard the news the cast would be having a reunion this January for the 20th Anniversary, I was ecstatic. Funny thing is, before I heard the news I was watching old skits on YouTube thinking how much I would have enjoyed being a cast member on the show.

The reunion special will air January 12 at 8 pm on the CW network bring back some of the alumni cast members such as Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Crista Flanagan, Michael McDonald, Keegan Michael-Key, Bobby Lee, Nicole Parker, Aries Spears, Nicole Randall Johnson, Stephanie Weir and more. Mad TV ran from 1995 to 2009 after being cancelled and is still a favorite among many. The reunion will also feature an award ceremony in celebration of this milestone along with some new material.

Here are some of my favorite sketches from Mad TV and I hope the alumni cast brings back some of these hilarious characters.



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