Someone You Should Know: Alisia of ABC Fitness

I've been knowing Alisia for a few years now and she has recently opened her fitness business. You can get in contact with her to get your body right and tight at Read her interview and get to know her and her business, ABC Fitness!

1. Introduce Yourself (Age, Education, Hometown, etc) 

My Name is Alisia B. Coutain. I am from Chicago, live in Evergreen Park. I am 24 years old and my business is called ABC FITNESS - All Body Connection. The purpose of ABC FITNESS is to reconnect all the misalignments many people have with their brain and body parts. I am also big on inner peace through physical pain. Feeling physically healthier, stronger and more fit taps into the mental, emotional and spiritual side of you, many do not realize. I really push listening to your body and paying attention more to its needs. (All Body Connection)

2. How long have you had your fitness business?

ABC FITNESS has been official for 6 months now.

3. What made you get into fitness and how long have you been doing it?

I have been personal training for 2 years and slowly but surely now building more into my baby business. I started at Galter Life Center in Albany Park, as an intern then officially as a fitness specialist. I then transfered to X-Sport Fitness in Matteson. Now I am an instructor at both Earth In Motion Fitness in Park Forest and Bella Fitness Studios & Nutrition Bar in Sauk Village.

I got into fitness because I want to help people. I have always had a helping nature about myself so I kind of stumbled upon the fitness world. I went to college starting in business to be a fashion designer( lol ) but I never felt pretty or skinny enough. I tried working out on and off but failed from feeling fat and not good enough. Then I switched my major to exercise science and learned more on HOW to exercise as well more on how your body changes through a fitness journey. My purpose on this earth is to help people and if I can heal people along the way, then fitness is where I am at.

4. What motivates you to do your job? What do you find fulfilling about it?

What motivated me the MOST was to be healthy. Last year 2015, was the beginning of my consistent fitness journey and my body went through horrible shock. All of the toxins released from my body causing for three vaginal cysts (back to back) then an allergic reaction to the antibiotic meds causing a yeast infection. My cardiovascular was extremely low; running was such a task. My upper body was non existant and my lower body knew no strength. Needless to say I was a hot ass mess. So my main goal was to feel better. Feel alive and healthier because in my eyes last year almost killed me away. 

What is fullfilling with my job are the connections I meet in this world and being able to teach someone I have connected with a healthier way of expressing yourself, finding your true self and understanding it fully. Understanding your body helps you tell your doctor or trainer what is malfunctioning so they can help fix it. Understanding what you think can be either toxic or uplifting. Understanding your emotions and feelings helps with your reactions to situations. Finally, understanding you are a spiritual being having a human experience will make you want to take care of this body suit our creator has made for you to survive on THIS planet. Watching my clients challenge themselves passed their personal limitations is probably one of the biggest perks of my job.

5. Give us a rundown of how your workout sessions go. 

My sessions are serious but fun. I really do not take my sessions lightly because during this 30-60 minute workout you we are hear to sweat and work hard BUT WE HAVE FUN DOING IT! We laugh, talk about your day and what you have been doing far as your health maintenance when we do not meet. We talk about what you felt like after our last session. I am basically a great workout partner everyone looks for. I like to be your friend. It makes for our sessions to be smoother and lighter. I am an unconventional cheerleader in my terms lol. My sessions start with "how are we feeling today" talk. Then go into our warm up. I tell you what we will be working on today and to mentally prepare for it. Go into our main course, cool down with core and yoga toning. I ask how do you feel compared to the beginning and we make plans for our next session.

6. What's the most important thing you've learned in your fitness journey? How do you transfer that to encouraging your clients? 

Hmph. I really do not have an answer. I have learned so many important things through my fitness journey, I have too many lessons to share. Well I guess the biggest lesson I have learned is you are your biggest limitation. When you think you can't, you really just do not want to try. I use I think what is reverse psychology on my clients. I give them the option to go higher in reps or weight and they usually choose to go higher to prove me wrong when in reality they proved theirselves wrong. And I LOVE saying I told you so when they go higher.

7. How do you balance your work and personal life as a business woman? 

Cry. Lol no but really I pay attention to my thoughts and eating. When I see me not doing well in things that are considered easy I know it is time for a step back. And I have a wonderful family made of close friends who support me even when I reject their kindness. They won't allow me to suffer alone and always come through when I cannot fulfill being superwoman. I make sure I set aside me time when it gets to be too much. Also I laugh A LOT. I talk about silver linings and love with myself and others and that brings a special peace in my life.

8. What's the hardest part about your job and how do you get through it? What's the most fun part about your job? 

Right now the hardest part is keeping up with my studies. You never realize how little you know until you meet someone who knows what you know...but MORE. And in this world science is a constant. So studying outside of school can be hard and training myself. But how I get through it is by asking for help. You really get no where without help. I do not care how self made you are, you need a great support team. Good people with good vibes. And sometimes it is the very one who is close to you that can take you out. Pay attention to your circle always.
But the most fun part of my job is getting people outside of themselves and showing them how they were their biggest limitation. When I say "it is all you" and they finish ahh it is so awesome to see their reaction. And I am sooo proud everytime because I know that feeling. It is awesome to accomplish, pushing passed limitations.

9. What advice would you give to people who are interested in fitness training?  

Train like a champion, train champions. Make sure you are mentally ready and the let the rest fall into place. Cause your body goes where your mind tells it. Not the other way around. ALL BODY CONNECTION.

10. Where do you want to take your business in the future and how do you plan on doing it? 

This question was hard to answer. It really took some deep thought because I have not had a real plan for a while due to the fact things worked out naturally on its own once I gave it to Jah and universe, no joke. Once I turned on my faith and put in my half of work, it was blessing after blessing. However my next move is to take my work out of state but give back to Chicago Black Owned Businesses before I transition. 

I want to reach, teach and train all those I come across. I want to heal the body and make it feel good and to its full potential. I want to change lives. Now my plan to accomplish that.. well you just watch my work I will say that. 
But one quote that a good artist friend of mine by the name of Danny Froze once said "To be an old soul at a young age can only mean God has installed a preset purpose inside of you; A purpose that can't reset or change. Your only job is to find that purpose and walk in it!"

Thanks for your time, Alisia!



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