Fox News Refers to Stacey Dash As "The Black Girl"

Well, well, well. I guess another one bites the dust. Actress and Fox news commentator Stacey Dash, well known from the 1990's show "Clueless", was called "the Black girl" by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

I'm not sure when some people will get it. You get no respect throwing your race under the bus for approval and validation from people of other races. Sure you may get some attention on news platforms, a few coins thrown at you, but at what cost? No matter how much you throw other Black people under the bus for proud bigots, you will get your wake-up call as well. You may get it last, but it's coming for you too. 

Check out the commentary below by @bloggerjennicole from Naturally Moi

Source: Boyce Watkins



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