R.I.P. Tommy Ford aka "Tommy" from "Martin"

Photo Credit: top10queen.wordpress.com

The 1990's television show "Martin" is hands down one of the most iconic, well-written and influential shows in Black American culture. All of the actors had obvious amazing chemistry with one another, there were endless hilarious moments, and it remains a favorite to people who weren't even alive during the era in current times.

Today, the world lost Tommy Ford, who was well known as "Tommy", Martin's level headed, jobless friend on the show "Martin". Ford was hospitalized Sunday and was on life support once he had an aneurysm rupture in his abdomen. According to TMZ, his famil decided to turn off life support today. Tommy was 52 years old and surrounded by family.

The world will always remember Tommy as the charming, kind hearted, hilarious partner in crime to Martin Payne. Rest in power, Tommy Ford!

Check out some of the best Tommy moments below. What were some of your favorite Tommy moments?



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