ATL MUA Goes on Rant About Dark Skinned Black Women / Colorism Revisited

Last week an Atlanta, Georgia make-up artist had some choice words for dark skinned women while going in on a colorism themed rant. Rocking an exclusive pair of Great Value, arts 'n craft, science fair goggles, Mardasha McMillan uploaded a video titled "WAR ON DARKSKIN B******" to her Facebook page stating how tired she was of dark skinned Black women mean mugging her, wanting to fight, and being "mad" at light skinned women. She even stated "it's not my fault y'all look dirty".

Although McMillan claims she was not referring to "all" dark skinned women, this is still ridiculous and ignorant especially with the blatant video title "WAR ON DARKSKIN B******". Like a "war", sis? Not "women", but "bitches". Noted. She later posted an apoLIEgy here:

Photo: Mardasha McMillan Facebook

First of all, sis (and I use that term lightly) you're NOT light skinned no matter how many Instagram "Claredon" filters you use. Like bruh, I deadass felt like my credit score dropped 200 points trying to piece together how someone a few shades darker than me is considering their self "light skinned" while I consider myself "brown skinned". I'm getting so tired of delusional folks my color and darker claiming to be "light skinned". How does that work?

Secondly, it was ignorant across the board. I'm not sure if I was watching footage from a KKK member dipped in chocolate giving a speech at a Trump rally or what! Suggesting dark skinned women bleach their skin and that they're "mad" because light skinned women are gaining the attention of their boyfriends was way out there and goes beyond "frustrated" and "not talking about all dark skinned women". Sounds like she has had some really bottled up animosity and this was her chance to explode. She even went as far to suggest there's a "ranking" of women, even throwing herself under the bus to claim "foreign" women are over "light skinned" Black women. 

However, honestly as upset this video made me feel, I'm glad she spoke how she feels, because in reality this is how some (SOME, not all) people really feel about dark skinned Black women and we're going to have to keep it a "g". Let them expose themselves. This also shows that contrary to many theories I've heard and read online, Black men are not the only ones who suffer from colorism. I think both parties suffer greatly from colorism but express it in different ways.

As a "brown skinned" young Black woman, growing up and even currently, I never was heavily effected by the issue of colorism in comparison to my dark skinned and light skinned counterparts. In my personal experience, I've always felt like I was somewhat on the sideline just watching what was going on. Yet, in the eyes of the dominant society, I'd be viewed as a "safe brown"; not too light, but not too dark. However, the issue of colorism has always irritated me to no end. I recall really seeing colorism rear its ugly head while in high school, so I was already aware with McMillan's mentality because I've seen this scenario play out before.

Even with the recent Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma beef, I couldn't help but to notice the very subtle colorist undertones in the commentary from some people riding with #TeamNicki. These accusations of Remy Ma being "jealous" of Nicki Minaj has become code for "dark skinned woman jealous of a light skinned woman" instead of simply addressing the problem at hand (and ignoring the rocks Nicki has throw). As I stated, I saw this same "they just jealous (of light skinned girls)" plantation rhetoric at play while I was in high school. This narcissistic, reverse psychology, get out of jail free tactic will always be presented in order to silence the opposing party whenever there's an issue or disagreement at hand, especially if she's of a darker complexion. Plus it reinforces the negative stereotype that dark skinned women are bitter, hateful, masculine bullies while light skinned women are always innocent.

Don't get me wrong y'all, I have heard stories from some light skinned women and girls who were picked on by dark skinned women and girls because of their skin tone; under the assumption that because they're light, they were automatically stuck up. I've also heard the reverse where some lighter skinned women and girls have looked down on dark skinned women and girls. (In my personal experience, I've also noticed how some particular light skinned girls who do have superiority complexes date dark skinned Black men which is absolutely mind boggling to me seeing how they simultaneously put down dark skinned women, but that's another topic for another time.)

Both experiences are valid and should be discussed. I fully acknowledge the pain we have experienced because of the ongoing, tumultuous legacy of global colonialism, but what we're not going to do is generalize and spew out anti-Black rhetoric such as what was displayed in this video. This was a blatant display of faux confidence rooted in the degradation and dehumanization of dark skinned Black women. Those same "men" that she claims adore light skinned women over dark skinned women adore them because of their anti-Blackness and self-hatred, not out of pure love. As long as dark skinned women are on the bottom, people like this will always feel "good" about themselves.

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  1. Right i was trying to figure out why do she think shes light skinned if anything shes light brown

    1. Lol seriously. That's the first sign of MAJOR delusion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!