Remy Ma Disses Nicki Minaj Again, Foxy Brown Disses Remy Ma, & Sparky Dee Adds Her 2 Cents (AUDIO)


Damn son, is it the 1990's again?! So to update the latest Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj debacle; Nicki Minaj hasn't responded yet (unsurprisingly), but Remy Ma released another record last night called "Another One". Take a listen below:

I wasn't feeling this track like I was feeling "shEther" in all honesty. A lot of people on Twitter stated that Remy Ma looked foolish and like a bully releasing another diss track when Minaj hasn't responded. #ThatWasTrashRemy was even trending on Twitter last night.

Nicki Minaj seems to be taking the "unbothered" route, especially since she was spotted at a video shoot with Atlanta rapper Future and was also in Paris for 2017 fashion week, While this is the modern day consensus that Nicki Minaj "remains unbothered" and Remy Ma is a "arguing with herself", in the world  and tradition of hip-hop and emceeing, Nicki Minaj would be considered the loser. Especially since Minaj tried to blackball Remy Ma before "shEther" (remember in 2010 Lil' Kim told y'all Nicki Minaj wanted to be the only female rapper? *sips organic juice*) and wasn't "above beefing" with Taylor Swift, Lil' Kim, Mariah Carey, and Miley Cyrus.

Now, in Remy's "shEther" diss, she referred to Nicki Minaj as "talkin' shit about me to a deaf bitch, and I usually have sympathy for the impaired, but not when you hard of hearing from untreated gonnoreah". In these bars, Remy Ma was talking about none other than Foxy Brown. For those of you who don't know, Foxy Brown was a very popular rapper in the 1990's and in the early 2000's, She came up under Jay-Z, she was apart of The Firm, and she was going toe to toe with Lil' Kim. I actually think she should also get credit for being a huge influence for many modern day female rappers just like Lil' Kim is finally, somewhat, getting the credit she deserves.

Foxy Brown and Remy Ma had beef back in 2007 right before Remy Ma went to prison. Remy Ma details their issues in this video below:

Now back to the "deaf" reference; Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown lost her hearing in 2005 which put her career on hold. There was also a rumor that she lost her hearing from an STD. To top it off, Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj are supposedly "cool" (which is another reason why I never believed Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma were "cool"). So for everyone wondering why Foxy Brown just released her diss track "Breaks Over", that is why. Here's her track below:

 Foxy Brown is one of my personal favorite emcees. I even went to her concert last January. She spits over Jay-Z's "Takeover" beat with some classic Foxy West Indian shit talking on the intro and I was here for it! (I always love it when Foxy Brown implements reggae and Jamaican patwa in her music). Honestly, I think this was just a sample because Foxy Brown can bring the heat.

A lot of people online were stating that Foxy Brown is "irrelevant", taking up for Nicki Minaj, and is jumping in for "relevance". In my opinion, I think this is more for the art of battling and hip-hop which is also why I think 1980's femcee Sparky Dee jumped in with her diss track "Open Casket". Check it out below:

For those of you who don't know who Sparky Dee is, she was an emcee back in the 1980's, well known for battling Roxanne Shante

While I'm not that thrilled so many emcees are coming at each other's necks (we can get into that another time and we will), it's dope to see that a portion of the art of hip-hop is still alive. I'm sure Remy Ma will respond to Foxy Brown.

What do you think of this whole beef including Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, and Sparky Dee? Do you think Nicki Minaj will ever respond? Share your thoughts below!

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