Back Peddlin' & P-Poppin': Shea Moisture CEO Discusses Ad Controversy on "The Breakfast Club"

Photo: Atlanta Black Star

So we all know about the recent Shea Moisture ad controversy that popped off on Twitter a few days ago. CEO Rich Dennis came to "The Breakfast Club" radio show this morning to clear the air. He started by (lying) stating that he and his team were unaware of the ad content. (Like, how though?) I think we all had a collective side eye when we heard this. 

While I think this is damage control because of the major backlash, I do like that Dennis stated that Black owned businesses branching out is fine because business is competition. However the main issue at hand is making the core audience feel left out and SM has had a track record of making their audience feel like this for the past couple years. 

Take a look at the interview below:

Are you buying what Rich is selling? Share your thoughts on the interview below!

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