Listen to Missy Elliott's "I'm Better Remix" featuring Eve, Lil Kim, & Trina

Photo: HipHop-N-More

Uh-oh, looks like Missy Elliott done brought out the original female rap legends for a remix of her single "I'm Better". The remix dropped today and features Eve, Lil' Kim, and Trina.

In a world of one, and only one, mainstream female rapper who hates to share the spotlight, reigning for the past almost-a-decade, it's so dope to first of all see a mainstream collaboration with female rappers, but to also hear the veterans spit on the mic again. Like damn, I can't even remember the last time there was a mainstream song with multiple female rappers on one track. And I mean strictly only female rappers, the same way male rappers create songs with one another. Hopefully this will lead to a music video as well as more collabs with femcees. Take a listen!

We're you feeling the "I'm Better Remix"? What's your favorite part? Share below!

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