Joseline Hernandez & Her "Nappy Head" Slur / Kodak Wack Disses Black Women (Again): Why We Should Care

Photo: The Shade Room

One of these days we're going to be very sorry about the knowingly problematic people we support and place on pedestals. Yesterday gossip blog The Shade Room released a screenshot of reality star, struggle raptress and Satan's daughter Joseline Hernandez calling Stevie J.'s daughter a "hoe" and "nappy head". Oh, and she also told her to "find a cock to suck". Stevie's daughter Savannah is 18 years old by the way:

If you've ever watched or kept up with the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, you know the tumultuous, emotionally and mentally abusive back and forth manipulationship between the former Bad Boy Records producer and the Puerto Rican Pauper. Stevie J and Joseline also have a child together who was born last year, but his other older children have openly and respectfully expressed their dislike for Joseline who has been continuously toxic on and off the show to Stevie and to others.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when trash is placed on pedestals. I'm not a viewer of LHHATL anymore, (same story, too much unnecessary drama between "adults", and just overall boring and soul-sucking) but when I was watching it, I never saw it for Joseline. While Joseline is funny and she was the "star" of the show, she's also very mean spirited. She was definitely a fan favorite for her numerous "shenetigans", but that was never enough for me to be a fan or supporter. After Joseline lied and accused Stevie J for molesting his daughter last summer, that should have been the end for her. However people glossed over it, and continued supporting her for the sake of "entertainment".

Quite often I see people online stating that men are solely responsible for placing talentless but attractive celebrities like the Kim Kardashians and her toxic family on pedestals, however I see it equally with women doing this. Men aren't watching these reality shows, supporting fashion and makeup lines from people like culturally appropriating Kylie and Kendall Jenner, for example.

Let me keep it a buck, we live in social media ran society where people are living vicariously through celebrities and quasi celebrities. I see how some young girls and even women heavily admire women like Joseline Hernandez because of their bodies, fashion sense, 18 inch Remy, "keepin' it real", and "bad bitch" persona. And that's exactly what it is; a persona. Joseline has always shown how insecure she is on the show when another woman enters the room and from my perspective she definitely hates women (yes, there are misogynistic women out here) as well as herself so it's no shock to me this statement was made. For someone who came from poverty, Joseline sure does spend a lot of time commenting on how "broke" people are as well. I'm sure many of her fans would be considered "broke" too based off her standards.

I'm not here to go in on Joseline. It's cool that she was able to make it out the hood, but that's not enough for me to support her constant toxicity. Her comedy isn't enough, nor is her disgusting attitude disguised as being "real". I can only imagine what kind of comments she will make to her daughter. If Joseline is making statements about Black hair, I don't put it past her that she's also colorist. Usually those two go hand in hand. All of this evil energy for a young lady saying she feels she's toxic. I guess hit dogs holler. And for the record, Stevie J is a just as foolish as her.

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In other anti-Black, modern day slave news, struggle rapper Kodak Black went on Instagram Live to chat with his minions fans and was asked if he thought actress Keke Palmer was attractive. KB replied "Keke Palmer, she straight. I'd bag her, but I don't really like Black girls like that, sorta kinda." Please show me another race of men who openly and persistently express their disdain for women of their race the way we see it with some Black men. Show me, I'll wait. This mentality has been so normalized and ingrained in the hip-hop culture, many people see nothing wrong with it.

Kodak went on to state this on Instagram before he deleted his account:

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While no Black women anywhere on the face of the planet are upset because KB doesn't like us, it is disheartening to constantly hear and read about this foolishness. Almost every month there's news of a Black man bashing Black women and uplifting non-Black women. This isn't the first time Kodack Wack has expressed his disdain for Black women and himself either. Last year, this dumpster monster created a "song" stating "I'm already Black, I don't need no Black bitch". What in the huck-a-buck, tap dancing for massa, hell is going on out here?

What's also disheartening is that even after this statement, people will still go out and support this water roach like nothing happened. From the fans to people in the industry. What Kodak and Sambos like him don't understand is that nobody respects you. When other races of people hear these statements, they take it as a sign to take advantage. You can't state your hate for your counterpart without stating your hate for yourself. This isn't a "preference", this is a slave mentality and a plantation spirit. I'm sure many couldn't care less about Kodack because he's a terrible rapper, however we can't continue ignoring this because this open season climate of bashing and harming Black women and girls has been established. When this goes unaddressed as it has many times before, it makes it okay for more bashing to occur. And didn't son ass go to jail for sexual assault? And this is who y'all throw y'alls coins at? Because he "gettin' money", right? Mkay.

I just want us all to be more mindful about who we're supporting. These "from rags riches" stories are nice and all, but do we really want to elevate a couple of knowingly toxic, anti-Black people and sacrifice thousands of minds in the process? A few people make it and "get on" all the while contributing to the already occurring destruction.

Global colonialism has effected all Black people in the continent and in the diaspora, however we can not afford to continue supporting toxic people for the sake of "entertainment". I'm not a prude, nor do I want to censor rappers, however turmoil must be pointed out. This is not entertainment, it's coonery. This is not hip-hop, it's propaganda and there needs to be a line drawn in the sand. Let's be more mindful in who we lend our support to even if they look like us.

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