Them Prices Way Too High, You Need To Cut Em: Amazon to Lower Prices at Whole Foods

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This year, the super internet based corporation Amazon purchased natural health food store Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. If you know me, I always refer to Whole Foods as "Whole Paycheck" because you'll go in there for a few items and leave with your whole paycheck spent. Apparently, my cries were heard because "ain't no Whole Paycheck, bih." On Monday Amazon will begin the new journey with WFM and their first plan is to lower the prices on certain products. The first few marked down products include organic avocados, organic brown eggs, almond butter, organic salmon, organic rotisserie chicken, and organic apples.

Saints and ain'ts, WON'T He do it?
I know that's right because the prices of avocados and almond butter are high as hell everywhere. I usually shop for groceries at other markets, but depending on the new lowered prices, I may have to rock with WF now. Amazon CEO Jeff Wilke states:

Everybody should be able to eat Whole Foods Market quality -- we will lower prices without compromising Whole Foods Market's long-held commitment to the highest standards
With this new Amazon-Whole Foods merger, Amazon Prime customers will also get discounts at the health food store. For years, Whole Foods has been accused of overcharging for their products resulting in a 2015 overcharging lawsuit. This is debatable since many natural health food stores and natural/organic products are costly.

I'm looking forward to the price changes at the store formerly known as Whole Paycheck. Since I primarily shop there for vitamins, natural oils, and herbs, I hope those price decreases come next, but Amazon may decrease produce prices first and foremost. This will also be a positive for folk from lower income backgrounds to be able to afford fresh produce and natural/organic products. The recently built Whole Foods in the south side Englewood in Chicago has reduced prices. However, I hope the quality of the products remains the same since many times cheaper products equates to GMO engineering. These changes are usually grounded in super capitalism and mass production. This could possibly hurt mom and pop, family owned and small business health food stores.

In final words, it's time for me to get my emails prepared for my many free shipping 30 day trials for Amazon Prime.

Are you excited for the cost decreases at Whole Foods? Do you think this will change the quality of the food?

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