Fabulous Vintage Fashion for Autumn 2017

Kasper for A.S.L. Jacket

Move, over summer! Time to let autumn shine! Autumn has become one of my favorite seasons. I was a huge lover for summer and I still love the season, but there's something very enjoyable and magical about orange leaves, crisp weather, and pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks.

Another one of my favorite things about fall is the fashion. Now we can finally rock wool layers, leather ankle boots, and colorful courdoroys. This fall, I'm all about pushing the vintage fashion boundaries. The main fall fashion colors are traditionally darker and warmer colors like burnt orange, jade green, and yellow gold, but this year I'm thinking of more bold and brighter colors to wear. Let's get a look at some of the fashionable vintage pieces:

Get the Regine Hunter look with this colorblock bumblebee blazer!

This vintage beaded and sequined Laurence Kazar top is everything.

C'mon now. You gotta have a staple plaid piece for the autum.

This 1990's Liz Claiborne dress is serving cornucopia realness.

So Biggie Smalls "Versace shirt".

Ankle booties are so necessary for the autumn!

Purple is the color of royalty and you're sure to look like a queen in this vintage Neiman Marcus wool skirt.

Be blue as the autumn sky with this It's A Lehigh 1980's dress.

Plum perfect clutch for any occasion from daytime to nighttime.

Bandolino red and cream mules are the epitome of "grown 'n sexy"!

The babies love vintage too! Throw it back to the 1990's with this Pro Spirit pullover.

This 1980's Stenay sequined top with a pair of black velvet pair of pants would be fab!

Calling all cowgirls! This vintage western inspired button up is giving me butterflies. Coincidence?

Step on the wild side with these Van Eli slip ons!

This 80's windbreaker sums up old school hip-hop in a nutshell.

If you're an official "Teacher's Pet", you need to grab this leather clutch for your favorite instructor.

Fran Drecher would love this fur lined blazer. I swear by it.

This is dress is so Woodstock-y, so hippie, so 90's boho.

Animal print AND jewels? This silk top is a true gem.

These leather vintage Via Roma pumps are BAD ASS. They'll turn heads everywhere you walk..

90's hip-hop windbreaker for the fly fellas!

Silk tribal printed jacket for autumn? I think YES!

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Which piece for the autumn is your favorite?



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