Video Footage of Kenneka Jenkins Released, But Does Not Show Teen Going Into Freezer (& More Updates)

Last weekend, 19 year old Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins was reported missing after partying with friends in the northwest suburb Rosemont, Il at the Crown Plaza hotel. The young lady was found deceased in a freezer on Sunday afternoon. After a week of chaos, conspiracy theories, arguing, and clout chasers attempting to seek followers off this young woman's name, the video footage of Kenneka released Friday afternoon on September 15. The only problem is, the footage doesn't show how Kenneka actually got into the freezer. The young woman staggered through the hotel by herself for the last hours of her life. It was truly a chilling sight to see.

Andrew Holmes, private investigator, spoke at a press conference on Thursday September 14 as the family's "representative" stating that he saw the video footage of Kenneka letting herself into the freezer.

Immediately following Holmes' press conference, Chicago activist Jedidiah Brown came to his Facebook page in a live video stating that Holmes was lying about the footage and that he is not the family representative. Jenkins' mother Teresa Martin also stated that Holmes called her asking her to inform protesters to halt since the hotel was losing money. Many people are suspecting Holmes is funny money for his statement and even pointing out his background working with the FBI and the Chicago Police Department.

Jedidiah's statements are valid hence the family, attorneys, and "official" video footage not showing Kenneka walking into the freezer. Plus, why was Holmes the first person to see the footage without Teresa? Martin met with her attorneys Sam Adams and Larry Rogers Jr. for a press conference and has confirmed that there were only short snippets shown:

I thank everybody for your help, the love and support," Martin said. "But I also want to know what happened. I want to see all -- I want to see her actually walking into this freezer and closing herself within this freezer and freezing to death."- Teresa Martin via CNN

Despite request for all evidence, we have only been provided snippets of video, none of which shows Kenneka Jenkins walking into a freezer. The family has not been provided any video or other evidence of Kenneka Jenkins walking into a freezer.- Larry Rogers

Kenneka Jenkins
Photo: Abel Uribe via Chicago Tribune

Rosemont police are interviewing twelve people who may have some kind of information. Eight of the people were at the party and they are searching for four more.

On Saturday September 16, Kenneka's family, friends, and supporters gathered at Douglas Park to host a memorial for the teen. The family released purple and white balloons into their air in loving memory of her.

Protests had been occurring all week outside the hotel as community activists, family, friends, and supporters demanded answers. The Chicago Tribune has reported that activists threaten to protest outside of the Crown Plaza Hotel 30 days straight if the full version of the footage is not shown to the family. Many people are calling out the different timestamps, the short videos, and the main fact that no video has shown Kenneka allowing herself into the freezer. Ms. Martin is requesting a federal investigation into this case as well. The autopsy has not been released yet and WGN TV states that the family will request a second one if needed.

This case is truly bizarre. Aside from the people on social media who are using Kenneka's name for a quick come up (chile, fools were making rap songs asking for people to "share" them like this is Star Search or some ish) and pulling insane theories out of their asses, the outrage online is valid. It's sickening to see people trying to silence others from rightfully asking questions and being upset about the lack of evidence showing that Kenneka allowed herself into the freezer. Until it's their own child of course (there are levels to devils).

My condolences go out to the family and friends. I see and feel so much pain in Teresa Martin's eyes, but she's still fighting for justice for her baby. If I could leave Teresa and the family with one bit of advice, I'd say to keep protests, viewing of video footage, and general business strictly amongst the family. Everyone else is there to help, not lead.

While the family is receiving an overwhelming amount of support from the community in Chicago and outside of our city, there are always paid double agents, social justice ambulance chasers, and opportunists lurking in the midst for their five minutes of fame off of someone else's death. This occurred in 2014 in Ferguson during the Mike Brown protests and in Baltimore in 2015 during the Freddy Gray protests.

We will continue to keep everyone updated with the case as it continues.

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