Chyle Please: TV One Is Making A Bobbi Kristina Biopic And Bobby Brown Is Not Here For It

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When the Whitney movie biopic showed on the Lifetime Movie Network in January 2015, I said in my review that it was too early to be making films about the late singer's life. Family, friends, and fans still mourned the life of the songstress as the third anniversary to her death was right around the corner. A few weeks later, her only child Bobbi Kristina eerily drowned in a bathtub and remained in a coma until her death on July 26, 2015. Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only child of Whitney Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Fast forward to 2017 and exploitive ass TV One is producing a movie about Bobbi Kristina's life in a biopic titled Bobbi Kristina. I guess these networks are going to ride the Whitney Houston gravy train until the wheels pop off.


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On one hand, I understand how this film could supposedly bring "awareness" to Bobbi's drug addiction, her tumultuous relationship with her "big brother" turned husband, and even her having two parents addicted to drugs, but let's keep it a "g", this ain't about bringing "awareness", it's about TV One's Sahara quenching hydration and greed for views and money through controversy, gossip, and other people's pain. Whitney Houston died under mysterious circumstances in 2012, but to this day she's still heavily discussed in popular culture. She's a legend. What better way to capitalize off Whitney through exploiting the tragic, short life and death of her child? This is the sneaky part about this biopic. The people at TV One affiliated with this struggle production can claim that they're not riding Whitney's coattails because this movie is about her daughter. Yet we still know it's centered around Whitney and also contributes in the exploitation of her child.

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Similar to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson is another popular mega artist who is being exploited posthumously. Same with the late Aaliyah. Remember that nut ass, not-approved-by-the-Haughton-family, Lifetime biopic Wendy Williams produced in 2014? Wendy was so thirsty for money and that movie, she settled for not having any of Aaliyah's music in it. Now that's a damn shame.

Bobbi Kristina's estate and her father, Bobby "The King of R&B" Brown are taking it to the court to sue TV One. A $2 million lawsuit was filed last week in order to block TV One from airing the film and also accused the network of painting Bobby Brown in a negative light.

The film is set for October 8th on the TV One channel. Vivica A. Fox (Pat Houston), Demetria McKinney (Whitney), Hassan Jackson (Bobby Brown), and Joy Rovaris (Bobbi Kristina) are starring in the film. Take a look at this tragic ass trailer if you care to:

Instead of investing into and creating films about figures like Mansa Musa, Queen Nzinga, or Marcus Garvey, these fools who greenlit this movie would rather exploit a young Black woman who died in a tragic way while her family continues to mourn.

This is not to devalue Bobbi Kristina's life or her importance to her friends and family, but to the world she was the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. She was not known for singing, dancing, acting, and so forth, so the reasoning for a biopic to be made about her is null and void and goes back to her affiliation with her parents, specifically Whitney Houston. Perhaps it wasn't her time to show the world what she was destined to do, especially since she herself was very troubled due to her upbringing in having two high profile celebrity parents dealing with drug addictions.

Since the family (that we know of) seems to not be here for the film, I can imagine that there's not even enough sufficient information provided about Bobbi's life in order to make a thorough movie about her. Perhaps writers and producers took to old clips and episodes from the reality shows Bobbi was on like Being Bobby Brown to desperately collect clues about her life, but those still don't supply enough details for a whole movie. From the looks of the casting, at least they got that right, but it's still a fool. A damn fool.

No matter how many praises, no matter how much status and fame the industry awards artists, they'll always be seen as money making machines during and after their lives. They'll even go as far to exploit your children too.

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