A New Juvia's Place Palette Is Coming In October, Collection for Lips Coming In November (UPDATED)

I've always heard makeup lovers rave about the amazing Juvia's Place palettes. I finally purchased my first Juvia's Place palette in August, the Nubian Palette to be exact, and the hype is very real! The pigmentation is on point and the colors are perfect for the autumn season. The Black woman owned brand is bringing out a new palette for makeup enthusiasts and artists and she's called Saharan 2. JP is also bringing metallic lippies with a Metallic Collection (still don't know whether they're lipsticks, lip glosses, etc).

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The company announced the news on their Facebook page last week:

The Saharan 2 Palette will feature artwork with a lovely hijab queen. JP posted a sneak peak picture of the S2 palette process this past summer with a yellow and pink ombre palette and a purple palette:

I'm loving both palettes so far, but the pink and yellow one is speaking to me! By the looks of the model's eyeshadow in the official announcement for the upcoming palette, seems like the S2 may have metallic colors, I'm guessing. As for the Metallic Collection, we're still waiting for information. The Saharan 2 Palette released October 15, 2017 and the Metallic Collection releases November 3, 2017. 

Photo: Juvia's Place

UPDATE 10/8/17:

The colors have been revealed! 9 colors, 6 metallic, 3 mattes, same dimensions as the Zulu Palette. Looks like JP has chosen the purple cover. Pre launch is now available on the Juvia's Place website. Shipping will be done on/before October 20, 2017

Will you be grabbing the Saharan 2 Palette this autumn?



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