Listen to "Melanin Magic" by Remy Ma

Bronx hip-hoptress Remy Ma is starting off 2018 with a new single. Yesterday, the BET award winner dropped her track "Melanin Magic" featuring Chris "Beat 'Em Down" Brown. The track has such a summery 2000's r&b vibe and the cover art is gorgeous. It would have been dope if Remy chose someone other than Breezy for the chorus (especially since he doesn't seem to fond of women with melanin *sips kale smoothie*), but the song is definitely a hit. The song samples Mint Condition's 1991 "Pretty Brown Eyes"

This is the kind of feel good, hip-hop and r&b fusion track I've been missing. It reminds me of Remy's 2006 song "Feels So Good" featuring sultry salamander Ne-Yo. Take a listen to the track below:

I'm definitely looking forward to a dope music video for this. Hopefully we'll see lots of shades of brown and of course some fire choreographed dancing and a remix with other female rappers would be dope too. The single will be on Remy's upcoming 7 Winters, 6 Summers album.

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