New Logo, Who Dis?!

Greetings, loved ones! It's 2018! I just wanted to make my first post of the "new year" (my new year is in spring, just an fyi) thanking you all for subscribing to, sharing, engaging, and most importantly reading my blog, The Kendro Show. I started this blog as a hobby back in 2009 and turned it into something special as the years go by. As a small blogger, every comment, tweet, like, and view is truly appreciated.

I wanted to introduce the all new (and improved) TKS logo I created. While the older one with my afro was cute, colorful, and bold, I wanted to opt in for something simple, clean, and mature. I'll always be my bold, creative self, which is what my last logo represented, but I also love embracing the simple things too. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it and as much as I enjoy creating content for TKS. Great things to come as per usual.




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