WATCH: "Nasty One" Music Video by Lil Kim

Happy first of da month, y'all. It's August! Back in July the one and only "Queen Bee" Lil' Kim released a new bop for the fans called "Nasty One" for her bday. The Bed Stuy Brooklyn native also confirmed that a fifth studio album will be on the way said to be released November 22. Her last album Naked Truth was released back in 2005 although since then she has dropped a few mixtapes and plenty of single tracks.

Peep the visuals for the latest jam:

"Nasty One" is without a doubt a summertime bop. Kim has always experimented with different genres of music outside of the traditional hip-hop sound, so it's no surprise to me she went the dancehall-fusion route. In all honesty, I do hope this upcoming album is a "grown up" album and I'm saying this as a big fan of Kimmy Blanco. In this era, I've noticed a lot of hip-hop OGs try their darndest to get the support of younger fan bases, which isn't a problem per say, but it should be the opposite. Younger fans should be looking up to and supporting the OGs without them watering down their sound to reach them. I need her upcoming album to be a mix of some new school with a lot of Hardcore vibes, and some grown woman content.

In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Kim stated that on the upcoming album there's a collab with Remy Ma and teased the idea of working with Beyonce.

I'm definitely diggin' the visuals for "Nasty One" and will be hip rolling to it all summer long.

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Share your thoughts on "Nasty One"! Were you feelin' the music video or nah??



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