DROCAST: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Internet Send Off Culture, & Moving Wisely

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This weekend at NYFW, New York ghost writer supported rapper Cardi B attempted to roll up on her rival Nicki Minaj after the default "Queen of Rap" was accused of liking a tweet criticizing Cardi's mothering skills. I'm not here for the gossip portion, just the usual foolery seen online.It's so easy to egg folks on to "knock a hoe out" from the comfort of your own home and WiFi access.

People who really want to see you excel aren't going to advise you to put yourself in jeopardy or do things they don't have the balls to do. Ask Foxy Brown who was once hip-hop's darling. Fought one too many times, and who's really checking for the good sis now? We'll get more into the meat of that on the show.

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The crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj addressed the scuffle on her Queen Radio podcast and made very clear points. She stated Cardi B built her career off "sympathy and payola". As I stated in my podcast, I feel the support for the Bronx rapper is very generic due to the fact that no one every says she's "talented", everyone knows she doesn't write her music, but she banks off "personality" among other things not having to do with rapping. Even when people make excuses for her foolish behavior, it's pure sympathy.

She also addressed the foolishness of supporting Cardi while she's consistently called Black women in specific monkeys, roaches, and more. I'm glad someone finally decided to blast this, however Nicki has a history of stating "these nappy headed hoes need a perminator" and calling a Black woman a chimp and monkey in her own music. This is why I'm team no one.

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