Lil' Kim Says Nicki Minaj Needs To "Pay Homage" (AUDIO)

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I'll admit, as an 18 year old who didn't really grow up with Lil' Kim, other than loving "The Jump Off" and "Lighters Up", I thought Lil' Kim was trippin' about her claims of Nicki Minaj swagger jacking her. However, the more I research, the more I see that the Queen Bee is 100% correct! She recently did an interview with Kendra G.'s radio show to discuss her frustration with the new female rapper. What's messed up about this is that people are acting like Kim is in the wrong. I mean, maybe her delivery could be a little turned down, but she has every right to be upset. Listen to the interview below:

Do you agree with Lil' Kim or do you think she's being extra? Comment below!

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