(WATCH) "Letter To Lil Wayne" by Watoto from the Nile

A singing group of young Black girls named "Watoto from the Nile" created a song titled "Letter to Lil' Wayne" which questioned the lyrical content and actions of the Louisiana bred rapper. The group of girls hail from Baltimore, Maryland and are an African centered music group which promote positive messages in their artistry.

While reading the comments online, one of my only questions is why are people going in on on these little girls who made that song so hard? Ignorant, abrasive, sadistic internet trolls and bullies calling them all types of b’s and hoes, telling them to kill themselves. That’s not even ignorant, that’s evil, inhumane, and misogynistic. Why is it that in this society, when you try to speak the truth, people will do so much to try to silence you.

Many of the commenters suggested that the young ladies were too young to be even listening to Lil' Wayne in order to be critiquing him on his music. While this is somewhat correct, let's not pretend that in this day and age, music and other media sources are not accessible to children. It's not the year 2001 where parents can just take away their children's gadgets. Children as young as 7 have IPhones, are knowlegable on using computers and tablets, and overall have access to technology in school and outside of school. Long gone are the days where parents can monitor their kid's moves 24/7.

The fact that many people are spewing hatred towards these beautiful, Black princesses over a man who is controlled by a larger captitalistic entity and is paid to promote Black genocide, shows how sick this society has gotten. It shows that even before these young Black girls become women, they will already face disrespect from the world even when their message is positive and when their hearts are innocent as a child's heart is. For all you imbeciles out there sitting behind computers on anonymous accounts disrespecting children, I hope Lil' Wayne has sent you a fruit basket for taking up for him so strongly. To the babies from Watoto from the Nile, keep up the work. The world hears your positivity and your message, little sisters.

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