Egotistical Quotes

"Be secure - Other people's opinions and lies shouldn't be able to breech your confidence in the truth." 

"Who cares what a hater got to say." So what if the person is actually a huge asshole, rude, mean spirited, jealous, or whatever? So when 'other people' tell them their 'opinion' about their messed up attitude/personality (aka the truth in many cases) these statements 'shouldn't be able to breech your confidence'?

See, this is the problem with the world now. You can't tell folks nothin', even if it is the truth. "Idc what your opinion about me is." <--- comment------="" nbsp="" oh="" ok.="" typical.="">

And that's the problem, many folks don't want to be told about themselves (even if it's in a nice way, aka constructive criticism, doesn't have to be mean) for whatever reasons. Perhaps they can't handle he truth, want to lie to themselves, don't want to change, been brainwashed, etc.

Quotes like that are the reason so many people continue thinking they're right when they're dead wrong. Everything is not an opinion, a lot of things are the truth. I love inspirational quotes just like the next person, but at the same time they can be very egotistical. Some of these inspirational quotes like the one I used above will have you doing more harm than good to yourself. To the wrong person, they will encourage a lot of bs.

Same with a lot of these pastors during sermons and the more inspirational Bible scriptures (perfect example: Bible scripture Twitter pages): The way these are aimed at folks, it gives people the impression that they are never wrong and everyone else who agrees with them is negative and out to get them. Pretty much sugarcoating & sending people off.

In society today (especially towards my generation aka the 'no new friends', 'i don't trust nobody' generation) many folks claim to have the same story/scenario: I been through so much in my life. People try to do me wrong. I'm just trying to make it, 'grinding'. I'm hardworking, nice, cool, have good self esteem, successful, I have a good personality, loyal, smart, happy, an overall good person. (Sorta egotistical) So many people want to put on that front of being this way, but let's be honest, it's not the truth. If it was the truth, this world would have less drama (petty or major) and less chaos. If it were the truth, people wouldn't be so jealous of one another & so forth. And you can especially make yourself seem that way on these social networking websites (that's def another post for another time).

The point I'm trying to get at is, everybody is not right, everybody is not 'good'. I'm not a fan of using inspirational quotes to justify bs or fronting. I feel there needs to be as much encouragement for self-assessment as there are supposedly inspirational quotes. We all need self-assessment, but I don't see that as much as I do egotism and fronting being embraced. It also seems like in this society, to be wrong is the worst thing in the world, especially with the backlash we give each other.

Many of us get our pride and egos in the way when someone is giving us constructive criticism or advice or just get offended when someone speaks the truth or their opinion. We spend so much time trying to create this image for ourselves and trying to be right all the time, we forget we're human and we make mistakes and these mistakes shouldn't ruin our lives.

Self-assessment is a key tool in my opinion. It's one of the keys to true growth & progression. Because someone could be honest with you about yourself, but it's up to you to assess the situation and chose to better it. Sometimes skip the inspirational quotes, be honest with yourself.




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