Tyler the Creator's Mountain Dew Commercial & Dr. Boyce Watkin's Response

I love how people in this country like to pretend that race isn't a huge factor. That we should just forget American chattel slavery and it's continuous effects (post traumatic slave syndrome), the massacre of the Native Americans, amongst many other things. Like...this country was not built on racism and it doesn't continue to thrive off of racism. Did you catch my sarcasm?

I guess this is what happens when you don't know, don't want to know, American history in depth. Not that watered down, pro-nationalist history they teach you in elementary school (and heck, even college!)

If you haven't read anything on it already, Tyler the Creator was in a Mountain Dew commercial with his friends where they...chile, just watch the video clip and you'll understand

Tyler The Creator MT DEW 3 Commercial Starring Felicia The Goat

Dr. Boyce speaks to Tyler the Creator about the Mountain Dew Flap

Ok, done? So Dr. Boyce Watkins responded to the commercial saying that it was racist (also a bit sexist) and it perpetuated the negative stereotypes of Black men in America. Which it did. The commercial reminded me of how during slavery (and even afterwards) Black men would be accused of raping White women. It continues the stereotype of Black men being thuggish, hyper-masculine, prisoners (from the chain gangs of the early 19th century to mass incarceration today),White women being fearful of Black men, and even lustful and hyper-sexual especially towards White women word to "Birth of a Nation". :(Tyler as the goat: "Uh I'm nasty. Ya shoulda gave me some more." "I'ma get out of here and Dew you up.")

T.C. claims it was his idea for the commercial because it would supposedly be funny. Just because it's funny to you doesn't mean it's going to be funny to others, because it for damn sure wasn't funny to me and I think I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Like, for Pete's sake, a bar in one of his songs was about rapping a pregnant woman, so we know we can't too much count on him for comedy. These companies know exactly what they're doing when they get these artists to represent them. You know why? Because monkey see, monkey do. They know a lot of these kids out here look up to these artists, try to emulate them through slang, actions, pictures, wardrobe, etc. so it's like why not get this artist to represent my product so people could start purchasing more of it? (Especially in the hip-hop industry due to many Black people being mass consumers). They see artists like Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, and T.C. and see how much of a immense influence and impact they have on the youth (and even adults unfortunately) and that's why they hire them. Millions of dollars are invested into the entertainment industry and the end product is an ignorant society that will follow and believe exactly what they see and hear in the media. Just look around observe and analyze. Any questions?

It could have been his idea or it couldn't have been. Perhaps it was purposefully made for controversy for more distraction, perhaps Mountain Dew reps gave him the idea and he ran with it, who knows what was really went on behind the scenes because child please, everything they tell you in the media ain't true at all.

But, the comments on Dr. Watkin's YouTube channel is what got me. Disgusting. I was so shocked when I read the comments on the video. It's insane. This is why I don't too much care for my generation now. The disrespect is disastrous. So much arrogance and ignorance, no one was obviously listening to the message he was trying to get across (he was not calling T.C. racist) or the knowledge he was dropping. He just didn't agree with what was done, but you know how that goes: you disagree with something and have an unpopular opinion (no matter if you are right or if you have concrete evidence to back up your claims), you get dogged out, cussed out, called all types of haters, and dragged through the mud by no-life having, angry at the world, teenage Internet trollers. This is certainly one fool ass generation and society and this is just the beginning of the downfall.

As an older Black man, many people say Dr. W is tripping because it's "not that serious" or because race isn't a "big deal" anymore. More lies and fallacies about living in a "Post-Racial Society" I see. Just because it's 2013, there's a Black president, no one is marching for civil rights and everyone has the right to vote. Yea, Post-Racial while drugs continue to be pushed into predominantly Black urban areas across the nation. Post-Racial while the main targets for mass incarceration are Black males. Post-Racial while minorities are still discriminated against. I could go on but we'll save that for another time...!

All I have to say is, if that helps y'all sleep at night and feel better about life. Keep on sugar coating this stuff. Add some water to it to dilute it some more why don'tcha? This is the true age of ignorance and not solely with the Black community, it's with everyone. All of these opportunities, resources, and technology we have to find information and acquire and ameliorate (that means to "better" for all you late folks) wisdom, but we too busy catching up on the latest celeb gossip, too busy trying to turn up, and have swag. Everything is taken lightly or seen as a joke, especially in my generation.

Of course every older person is not right all the time about what they tell to the youth and many are not right at all truthfully speaking. But in this case, Dr. Watkins was very correct and had concrete evidence to back up his thesis as he always does in his arguments.

Why couldn't the commercial be something funny and positive? Do we not have enough bad images of Black men in the media, or do we need more? I guess folks ain't tired of it yet. And no, of course taking this one commercial off television will not solve racism, but congratulating it, taking it lightly, thinking it's a joke will continue it subtly.

It's a wonder how things will be in the next 20 years. But I'll keep pushing and making sure my message is heard.



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