Music Review: V.S.O.P- K. Michelle

I saw the title of this song and I was like wait, isn't that a liquor? Haha. So I Googled it to make sure I wasn't tweaking and it's a cognac (brandy) that stands for "Very Special Old Pale/Particular". When I heard the chorus ("very special" repetition), I understood the point she was trying to make. Very clever.

When I first this heard the song, I instantly enjoyed it. I recognized the Chi Lites sample "That's How Long" that was also used in "December 4th" by Jay-Z and that was the icing on the cake. I love when producers sample old school songs in hip-hop and r and b because it gives a classic, feel good vibe. In this song "V.S.O.P." everything is on point to me; the production, the lyrics, the vocals, background vocals, the overall vibe.

I just really started listening to her music this year and I really like it. I listened to her mixtape "0 F*cks Given" and I can really hear the influence R Kelly (her mentor) had on her music and that makes it even better because he's certainly a legend. She's keeping it straight r and b in an era where so many hip-hop and r and b artists are crossing over to the pop charts. I love that about her music and I really hope she keeps it that way in the long run. Regardless if people think she's crazy (she's really not though lbs) or not, she has a great voice and I'm looking forward to her upcoming album.

I admit I was kind of confused by the video where it appeared that her love interest were beefing when the song was supposed to be lovey dovey. I imagined something more old school to go with the overall old school vibe of the track. Perhaps it was supposed to have that oxymoronic theme because in the end the couple were back cool. Other than that the essence, lighting, videography, and vibe was sweet. The scene where she and the 2 back-up singers were singing was so cute to me. She should let me have that black body suit too hahaha :)

I give this song 5 stars and I recommend it to anyone who misses good r and b music like myself

Watch: K. Michelle - "V.S.O.P." (Official Music Video)

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