It's a Blessing to Be Able to Sell ONE Record, Why Y'all Trippin'?

I never understood why people call artists like Ciara a "flop" and make fun of her becaise at one point she had low album sales. How many things have you successfully sold in your life? What are you doing productive? What talent(s) do you have? What do you bring to the table? What do you have in your name besides a social networking account and an opinion? Where are your receipts?
I never got how non-famous, regular people be so quick to call celebrities “irrelevant” or “a non-factor” and degrade certain failures such as low album sales. Most importantly: why does it have to be a competition between Black female rhythm and blues/pop singers nowadays? 

She still getting her checks at the end of the day. She is still getting endorsements, she's still talented, and she still has her FAN BASE. Even if she only has 100 fans, she got a CORE fan base. She doesn’t have to sell platinum albums for her to make good music. 

And that’s the problem with many people now, especially in my generation. Some many people are blinded my numbers and social media, they think just because somebody has a lot of fans/money/fame/Twitter followers/awards, etc, that they’re better than someone who has less. To place value on people based off popularity. that's a very superficial, basic, and immature mentality to have and not to mention detrimental to the progress of our society. 

I’d rather be not as famous as Beyonce, Britney Spears, or Rihanna and have LOYAL fans (not saying they don’t have them) than people who will only rock with me because I’m hot at the moment. Let’s be real, a lot of people would not be rocking with these A-List artists if they were not uber famous. A lot of people forget that everyone does not want to be MEGA stars. Kanye said it himself: "It's lonely at the top" and people come around you based off your fame and money, not because they genuinely love and value you, but because you're a commodity and asset to them. Y'all better recognize that being a superstar is not always what it's cracked up to be.

Quite frankly I wouldn't care if I never got as famous as a Nicki Minaj. It doesn't guarantee happiness or long-lasting success. You can have all the money, fame, power in the world, all the men/women could want you, dress the flyest, have the best clothes, and STILL be lonely, and unhappy. Overall, this post wasn't made to be a Ciara stan. This was created to break the ignorance that success can only be validated by world tours, selling 500k in a week for album sales, and being stalked by the paparazzi everyday.

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