"Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal" Review

Now I know this movie is a few years old, but it was really good and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. It's based on a true story at McKinney North High School, circa 2006 in a Dallas suburb called McKinney where 5 cheerleaders basically were out of control and were running the school; not just their class like in many instances, but the school. One of the cheerleaders was the Principal's daughter and the ring leader of all the havoc going on, so she it was no surprise she always got her way. The girls had no respect for adults, skipped classes, left the school whenever they pleased, drank alcohol, came to classes dressed like they were going to audition to be in a Kevin Federline music video, amongst other inappropriate deeds.

The movie started off with a new cheerleading coach, Emma Carr being introduced to the school and the squad by Principal Tippit. Two fellow co-teachers warned Carr about the reckless behavior of the team and even bet money she wouldn't be at the school for long in regards to other coaches leaving due to the feisty team of 5. Throughout the film the girls, which later formed into 4 villains, did whatever they pleased because they knew not only their parents but also the staff wasn't going to chastise them for their misbehavior and disrespect. They were always given excuses for their disobedience forfeiting them from receiving disciplinary action such as getting cut from the team. Coach Emma wasn't having that and saw that a child needs to be put in a child's place. She was the only teacher who stood up to the teenage monsters resulting in Principal Tippit's suspension and the 4 girls being cut from the team.

I have a perfect solution that would have worked effortlessly for the "Fab Five". Bring their asses to a Chicago Public School on the west side or south side and let them stay there for a day, I bet they would have done better. If I was a teacher at that school, I would have read those little thots their rights and got them together. I would have turned into one of those drill sergeants that threaten those out of control teens on Maury. There's no way in hell you let a child run an adult or let them talk to you reckless. That's why so many kids are running wild now and grow up to be adults in trouble. Their parents trying to be their friends and spoiling them to the point they go out into the world and think they can get away with anything. Although the old staff members and students say the movie was embellished, "Fab Five" was overall  a really good film and some real life lessons can be learned from it. It could have been over-exaggerated in this movie, especially how the 5 were portrayed as stereotypical, suburban, White, wealthy, cheerleader "mean girls", but things like this do happen in real life and sometimes even worse.

When I was in high school, some of the cheerleaders had superior attitudes because they were on the team. Going to a predominantly Black school back then, many of the cheerleaders were lighter skinned "girly-girls", with more Eurocentric features, thin physiques, and straight medium-long length hair. They got special treatment from some staff members as well and of course got their asses kissed by many students. It seemed like in both cases, being a cheerleader was more about being popular and pretty more than it was about the sport and the school, which feeds into that stereotype of cheerleaders. In the movie, the girls wanted to be the "It-girls" with fame, comparing themselves to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (both who were poppin' during that era). They were hyped about being "famous" by being "bad girls" as many teenage girls and young women do today. This movie personally motivated me to give these kids tough love when I mentor and tutor them as I already do, but even to a greater extent. Nothing wrong with tough love. I appreciate people like Coach Emma who stand their ground and do what'a right even if they have to stand alone. That's one of the best lessons I got from this movie other than put these lil' heifahs in their place.

It's pretty messed there is a negative stigma about cheerleaders in many high school communities because all aren't the stuck-up, prissy, rude, mean girls that stereotypes in movies portray. But I do feel that "Fab Five" showed the reality of what is going on in high schools whether or not the tomfoolery is caused by a group of cheerleaders or not.

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