"Positivity" Gone Wrong

I've been seeing a lot of "stay positive" messages on social media as of lately, and I think it's cool. There's so much cockamamie foolery and people out here, it's important to stay focused on the good than the bad. Yet, I also see how damaging it could get in terms of blurring reality and creating victims. To an extent, this "positive/negative" thing is being taken out of context. I've noticed a lot how some people are always calling something "negative" when they don't agree with it and I'm kinda sick of it. It's a sign of immaturity and an inability to be honest with oneself more than anything. I touched on this somewhat in the "Egotistical Quotes" post as well.

We live in a day and age where so many people want to be victims, pretending that they do no wrong and anything that comes their way that they disagree with is "negative". To top it off, I notice how so many people whether they be inspirational coaches or not give advice/inspiration to people based off of the receivers being victims. So you're telling me with all this drama, foolishness, chaos, and evil going on in the world, everyone is a victim and innocent? No one needs to be told about themselves? No one needs to be addressed how they have hurt others, but should only address when they have been hurt? I agree, we've all been burned before, but no one is innocent. Some more guilty than others. To set the record straight we all cut up once and a while, some more than others, and we all need to be told about ourselves. 

I see what some folks mean when they say people have gotten too soft. When somebody tells you something you need to hear, that you don't want to hear, that's negative? When someone has their own personal opinion that you may not agree with, they're "negative"? So when you are on an opposing side of someone else or have an unpopular opinion, are you being "negative" too? I'm not a fan of these reverse psychology games people play with these generic "positivity" sayings. That advice that your friend or family member keeps telling you that may be "negative" to you could be the same thing that can help you and is the reason you not progressing or prospering. 

I'm just seeing how many people want shitt sugar-coated to them and label it as "positive" ("sugar coated inspiration"). I find this to be worse than negativity in many cases. Many people don't want to take criticism /advice/judgement when it comes to themselves, but ironically criticize/judge others (we all do it, be for real). When someone does it to us, we want to call it "negativity". Playing the victim role, wanting to act like everything is to bring us down. 

Within some religious organizations for example, a lot of people don't want to hear the nitty-gritty teaching that's going to help in the long run or get them together. They want to hear the inspirational, "I'm-a-victim" mentality teachings. Some people are victims, but nobody is innocent as stated earlier. Same with how nowadays if you don't agree with someone or something, you're labeled as a "hater". So if you don't like something and you have good reasons/your opinion, are you a hater too? 

Yes it's awesome to keep a positive mind state especially in this world we live in, bad events happens to everyone and people need to look on the bright side and believe they can get through anything but most importantly WORK at it. And yes, some people are toxic and take the good out of everything unnecessarily. But mogs need to also understand, everything ain't gonna be candy and cookies.

Everything ain't gonna go your way or suit your satisfaction. Sometimes you ARE in the wrong and YOU DO need to be addressed. You do need to be honest about situations going on in your life even if it doesn't make you feel happy in the end. That's life. When someone is being real with you about your foolishness, that doesn't mean the person is "negative". If you're keeping it real with a friend who is out of line, are you being "negative" too? Everybody is not out to get you, everybody not out to put you down or hurt you. To be quite frank, some people don't even have anything others want to be playing the victim and acting like people want to tear them down in the first place. Get some receipts first. 

I love inspiring and helping people myself, but when someone comes to me for advice and I see that they are in the wrong, I'm going to tell them. I'm not going to sit and lie to them, sugar coat it in the name of being "positive" and I'm not going to do it in a negative manner either. I see people lying to others, sugar coating things, calling it "positivity" so much and it's doing more harm that good.
Too many people are walking around with this self-righteous, blurred and misguided way of thinking that everyone who disagrees with them is "negative" and that they can do no wrong. You have to differentiate the difference between someone who is keepin' it g with you & someone who is legit being negative. But when I give them advice, I will however encourage them to make amends in a positive manner instead of resorting to acting a fool or blowing things up. 

I'd honestly like for and I encourage people to just be real with themselves. Let's be real, everyone is not a "positive" person. We're all different people whether people like it or not. We all can put on masks and pretend like we're something we're not for whatever personal reason it may be. If you know you're not a positive person, be you. Address that issue and try to work on it day by day. Don't force it to pretend you're a "positive" person, work on it as you work on yourself. Life is a journey. I'm not a fan of "fake it 'til you make it." (Then again, it may work for you, to each it's own) I personally feel like you don't need to lie to yourself or impress others putting on a facade like you're something you're not. WORK on yourself through the good, bad, and ugly. That's what makes us human. 

I read a quote a few weeks ago about how so many people try to force happiness, and I feel the same way with positivity i many instances. So many of us want to prove to others and ourselves that we're so happy and everything in our lives are going good, especially on social media, when sometimes and with some people it's simply not. This isn't to excuse negative thinking, but we are human. You're going to be upset sometimes and that apart of life. Always look towards being positive, but don't force it to the point it's fake. 



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