Music Review: "Chemical Burn"- @REALDJPREMIER feat @THEOFFICIALRAGE

Link: DJ Premier - Chemical Burn feat. The Lady of Rage (Dirty)

Amidst the turn up trend in the current state of hip-hop, it’s GOOD to hear a veteran female emcee keep it classic and strictly hip-hop in it’s purest form. Last week, legendary hip-hop producer, DJ Premier and Virginian emcee Lady of Rage released a track called “Chemical Burn”for his website Premier Wuz Here and a new vinyl project. 

It was so refreshing and awesome to hear a female emcee spit like that again. Recently, I’ve been very bored with the new school of female rappers. I’ve always noticed how many of the old school female rappers and emcees always carried their own. They had their own personal style, flows, deliveries that set them apart from one another and made them special. It seems that many have been trying to mimick after Nicki Minaj seeing that she is one of the only female rappers signed to a major label and people are actually paying attention to and discussing her music.

Flow, lyrics, delivery, and production were on point in "Chemical Burn" and this has gotten me excited to hear more. I’m definitely looking forward to more from the “Afro Puffs” rapper as well as from DJ Premier's new project. 



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