Keep Going

For the past few years, my journey in life has involved music, modeling, and visual art, hobbies that I eventually want to transform into lifelong careers. What I have found stepping my foot into the arts and entertainment industry, is that the idea of networking is not always it seems to be. Many times, hard work isn’t work at all, and portfolios, experience, and talent are not put into consideration no matter how good you are. For many, it’s about who you know or how much money you are willing to pay to secure your spot. It can be very frustrating at times, sending emails to get no reply, countless interviews with no call backs, being overlooked and under appreciated while others seem to "get on" quickly and effortlessly due to how they look, popularity, connections, trendiness, or buying their way into the game. Many times I have wanted to give up, but what keeps me motivated is the desire to fulfill my dreams and goals for myself, and no one else. My vision, deep passions, and objectives I've instilled since a child keep me going. I’m sure this sounds cliché, but on the path to success you have to keep going and not allow blockings such the lack of support, personal issues, unfair treatment, and other frustrating affairs get in your way. 

You must be mindful of who you are and who's you are, that no matter what happens or what other people do, the end goal will indeed be greatness and the long and hectic process, worth it. Hold on to your passion, find ways you can live off of doing what you love, and work. Remain mindful that everyone will not like you or what you bring to the table, and that's fine, they are not required to. We all have different tastes, and some people will just not like you for you being you or even other reasons. As long as you are confident, respectful, humble, keeping your attitude in check and truly adding effort and love into what you do, that's what matters. People will be unfair, mistakes from all sides will be made, problems will occur, but as long as you keep working, staying consistent and improving, keep believing in who you are and what you can accomplish, no one can take your triumph away from you or detour your mission. Hold on to your vision and always focus on the light and the end of the tunnel. 



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