"Whitney" Lifetime Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Unlike that tragic, hot mess "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" movie that came out last fall, this biopic on the life of Whitney Houston actually looks promising. "Whitney" is a biopic detailing the life of the late world renown singer Whitney Houston produced by the Lifetime television network and directed by actress Angela Bassett. Whitney Houston will be portrayed by Cycle 3 America's Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta. Whitney's ex-husband, Bobby "The King of R&B" Brown will be played by Arlen Escarpeta. Watch the trailer below:

This looks like it will be a pretty good movie, however it's strange to me that the movie is releasing so close to Whitney's death anniversary. I'm scratching my head because Whitney Houston hasn't been gone for even half a decade yet and corporations are already making biopics on her life? Unsurprisingly, the family does not approve of the film and Lifetime does not have the rights to her music. Instead, singer Deborah Cox will be singing Whitney's songs. Whitney's only daughter Bobbi Kristina went off on Angela Basett on Twitter last summer since she was not contacted by the actress to play her mother.

"Whitney" will be showing on Lifetime January 17, 2015 8/7C.

Are you looking forward to the "Whitney" movie? What do you think about the controversy surrounding her family?

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