Intro to Looks of the Day: 1980's, Red, Vintage Dress

I always wanted to make TheKendroShow somewhat of all all-purpose blog where I feature multiple topics such as fashion, health, pop culture, etc. I decided a month ago, that I should start a fashion blog or at least a fashion section on the entire KendroShow blog. If you know my background in fashion design, know me personally or follow me on any social media platforms, you know that I love fashion, I'm big on personal style, and I love to dress up! For now, I will only be posting everyday looks and photos from photo shoots I have creative directed.So let's get it started, shall we?

This look I rocked this past weekend was a 1980's, vintage, red silk patterned dress with a patent leather red belt and black flats. I love wearing vintage looks, something you will see quite often within my personal style, so when I saw this dress at a thrift store I had to grab it. To make the look a little fresher, I added my snakeskin print earrings to this look, vintage Fendi bag, and red belt so I wouldn't look so "granny-ish". Stay tuned for more looks of the day. You can find these under the "Fashion" tab.

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