Music Review: #Sausage by @LilMama

This week, Brooklyn, NY emcee Lil' Mama released a music video for her song "Sausage". Unless you didn't know, Sausage is a new movement started by the youth of Vine where people go around rapping random quotes followed by a group yelling "Sausage!" Nowadays, many artists are finding inspiration from social media movements. Sayings like "on fleek", and "or nah" are now being used in the songs of artists such as Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and others.

Lil' Mama's "Sausage" music video starts off with her walking out a two-story brownstone with a sample playing from the famous Instagrammer, A-Town singing his well known anthem: "The Birds are Chirping". Immediately coming on the sidewalk, Lil' Mama is surrounded by dancers and begins to get down on the concrete. Throughout the music video, Lil' Mama incorporated references from Vine, the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, Mary J. Blige, and others while also bringing in elements of choreographed dance which has long been missed in hip-hop music videos.

Other scenes in the music video included a dancehall party scene with a sample from Jamaican dancehall rapper, Lil' Vicious' song "Freaks", a vogue scene where she was rocking a black and white, haute couture ensemble aside two voguing dancers, and a few scenes on the street dancing with children and other dancers. Although I don't really care for the chorus and I feel there were somewhat too many references where a viewer could get lost in the overall theme of the music video, I really enjoyed it. It's so refreshing to see a hip-hop artist create a music video with dancing with old school themes and an overall positive, fun sensation.

Of course with the praise also comes the critics and the negativity. Since her interruption of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' 2009 MTV Awards performance, Lil' Mama has been deemed as a joke throughout the hip-hop community, especially after her unforgettable interview at The Breakfast Club in 2011. Even after redeeming herself in an awesome performance in the 2013 VH1 "TLC" biopic, it seems like Lil' Mama still can't catch a break. Personally, I feel that in addition to the MTV Awards interruption, because she's not selling sex, because she's not an A-List celebrity, and because we know her from her "Lip Gloss" days, many people don't want to respect her artistry. In layman's terms: Lil' Mama is an underdog in the music industry. I believe that often when you are a child star and you want to grow up and break out of that mold, in Lil' Mama's case, also break away from her mistake, people will never let you progress (ex. Bow Wow). Why should that one moment that happened so long ago still be the defining factor of her career? No matter how much you develop, some people will never see it for you because of their own ignorance and inability to adapt to change.

In conclusion, I applaud Lil' Mama for staying herself and not succumbing to the pressures of the music industry. For someone to come into the industry at the age of seventeen and still be true to themselves at age twenty-five is inspiring to me. She could have easily got the ass injections and taken the sell-sex route in order to boost her career and shed her good girl image as well as to get the masses to ignore her age old mistake. From, 2007 to the present, I can honestly conclude that Lil' Mama has always been her very own person with her own fashion style and musical style, and it's very genuine. It's so rare to see that nowadays with artists who are walking advertisements and robots, and I think we should all appreciate the authenticity Lil' Mama has. This "Sausage" video and song has me looking forward to more of Lil' Mama's music and I'm glad that through all the trials that she's endured and despite the naysayers, she still creating good music.

And let's not forget when she killed Drake's "0 to 100" beat last summer. 



  1. I've been rooting for her shame they won't give her the chance she deserves.