Look of the Day: Cowgirl-Esque Saturday

This weekend, I attended the Taste of Mexico in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. I decided to wear a silk blue and white vintage 1970's/1980's dress with my snakeskin cowboy boots and cowboy boot patterned scarf I put in my hair. Like the majority of the vintage pieces I find, I got this from a thrift store on the north side of Chicago. I think this will be one of my favorite looks so far. Coincidentally, the dress reminded me of a Mexican patterned traditional dress which is why I paired it with the cowboy boots (as well as the snakeskin patterned earrings). I think this would have looked so scrumptious with a cowgirl hat, so hopefully I find another dress that screams "wild, wild, west" to pair it up with one.

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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