Music Review: "No Sleeep"- Janet Jackson

Haven't you heard? Janet Jackson is back! For the past few months, there had been rumors circulating online that the Gary, Indiana pop music icon, Janet Jackson was in preparation for a comeback this year. The rumors became true when Jackson's team released an audio clip of Janet speaking on her return to music. Last week, there was a release of her "Unbreakable" tour dates starting at the end of the summer in Vancouver. Jackson has also crafted her own record label under BMG Rights Management, Rhythm Nation Records and her upcoming album will be released under it.

Yesterday, the Jackson team released her new single "No Sleeep", a sultry, sexy, tune perfect to jam to for a steamy rainy night with your boo thang. Upon first listening to this new song, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Prior to the revealing of this song, there has been much speculation on how Janet would return to the music industry. Janet's last album, "Discipline" dropped in 2008 and I think it's more than safe to agree that since then the music industry has transformed dramatically. One of my personal concerns was wondering whether or not she would change her sound in order to appeal to the younger generation, a trend that has always been practiced by musicians in the mainstream music industry in order to maintain "relevancy".

"No Sleeep" has a real classic, late 1990's, early 2000's vibe to it which shows and proves Janet's style remains untouched, quintessential, and flawless. Although this is one track and it is possible that Ms. Jackson probably will create songs with a more "modern" sound and work with newer artists, I think this was a pretty nice and unique way to make way for her comeback, especially when we have so many artists out now that are constantly making "club tracks". I'm definitely excited to see the visuals for this tune and hear newer tracks she will be revealing upon her comeback and album release. Now if you excuse me, I must go collect my change so I can see her in concert this November.



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