#RIPSandraBland #WhatHappenedtoSandraBland?

Sandra Bland was another victim of police brutality. She was a 28 year old woman from the suburbs of Chicago who had arrived in Texas to start a new job. After being stopped by a police officer in her car, she was forced out. From what we hear on the recording, the officer was on top of her attacking her without valid reasoning which led her to scream that she had epilepsy. After being put into jail, Sandra Bland died and was said to have committed suicide with a plastic bag. Many find these reports perposterous due to the fact that inmates cannot have items in their jail cells and feel that she was murdered.

Many people claim that the reason these "race baiting" stories continue to make the news is because the power that be, the government, or whomever you would like to point out, want a "race war". Folks claim the media to other entities behind the scenes want to cause division between Black and White people in America. The truth is, there's been a race war on Black people since our ancestors stepped on the shores of this country. How can this be a race war if Black Americans are not the ones committing terrorist crimes on other racists in the name of racial supremacy? Division was already established when red lining, psychological warfare through the media, racial discrimination, lynchings, and every other systematic plan was created to tarnish the image of Black people. Whether you think the theme of racial issues are fake or "race baiting", it's happening and some of us are still sleeping because it hasn't hit home.

Rest in power to Sandra Bland, Rekiya Boyd, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and the many other victims of police brutality and racist crimes.



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