Mizzou University & Other Colleges Stand Up Against Campus Racism #BlackOnCampus

This past year has been filled with racial tension, news, and tragedies non-stop. If you haven't woken up to the issues going on in the lives of many Black people in America, I suggest you wake up, smell the coffee and do some research quickly.

This month, University of Missouri grad student and president of student organization "Concerned Student 1950" Jonathan Butler stood up against racial issues happening on his school's campus by staging a hunger strike protest until now former university president Tim Wolfe stepped down from his position. Butler and other students stated that they felt the administration ignored racist incidents that occurred on campus and had been protesting since October. The organization created a list of demands that they required for the rehabilitation of the social structure on campus including Mizzou increase the percentage of Black faculty and that Tim Wolfe write a handwritten apology to the group. The concerned students even stood around Wolfe's car blocking him at their homecoming game.

Jonathan Butler
Source: www.wjs.com

To sum up the events that have occurred this week, the Mizzou University football team stood in unity with Butler and protested against playing their next game until justice was served. The school would have lost millions of dollars if the football team had not played. The final results involved not only Tim Wolfe leaving his position, but also former chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. Amidst the glory of the two officials stepping down social media went a muck with threats against Black students.

"I'm going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see"
"Some of you are alright. Don't go to campus tomorrow"

This is what two anonymous posts on YikYak stated this week creating a scare through the campus.Many of the Black students stated their fear on Twitter and there were even rumors of KKK members on the campus. The two students have been arrested.  

Throughout the country, this activist spirit touched students of other campuses such as Yale, Howard University, and more here have responded to the protests in Mizzou by holding rallies in support and even spoken out against racial issues on their own campuses.

Mizzou Football team with Butler
Source: megynkelly.com

Of course conservative, closeted racist media is going out of its way to smudge and tarnish the efforts of these young people. The students have been accused of complaining, being rowdy, rude, and even facists. Some media entities have arrived on the Mizzou campus in hopes of getting interviews with student protesters, supporters, and participants but many have declined their offers. Some media sources *cough* Fox News *cough* have dug up information about Mr. Butler attempting to state his stance against racism is invalid due him coming from a rich family. Having money has nothing to do with racism when the world will always see you as a Black man a threat and a terror.

The efforts of these young people is commendable and courageous. While everything will not be perfect at these institutions, this is a start to something that can eventually bring permanent change. If these events have not shown you that the system of racism and White supremacy is alive and well, and that Jim Crow's legacy lives on, I don't know what to tell you except to read and research. .  



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