Look of the Day: Wintertime Fine

Wintertime is in FULL effect here in Chicago! Well, not officially, but it started snowing a few weeks ago and the temperature has dropped greatly, so it's pretty much here, but not here. You feel me? Just a day ago, it was a whopping 3 degrees outside! Regardless of the winter, I'm still planning on having a great time.

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As usual, I headed to the vintage store a few weeks ago and I came across this dress. Initially I was going to sell it on my vintage shop, but I tried it on and I fell in so much love! It reminds me of a dress Mary Jenkins from "227" would have worn back in the 1980's. 

This is an obvious vintage dress. 1980's Positive Attitude shoulder padded, and belted. What drew me to it was mainly the deep teal color, bringing in brightness in the dull winter season. The dress is a little on the "old fashioned" side in regards to the style, but I was still diggin' it. 

Last fall, my boyfriend bought me this super cute cameo necklace from Wire Expressions. I've always been a fan of cameo jewelry, but it's always been hard to find images of Black women on them, so I was super excited to find the "Khadijah" necklace. It has a lovely bronze finish that matches the buttons and belt furnish.

Blues were a great choice to add with this look. Since it's boot season, I wore my snakeskin boots I got from Alcala's Western Wear store here in Chicago so many years ago. I hadn't worn my blue, suede and leather Coach bag in years and paired it with this look.  To add a pop of contrasted color, I wore my chunky orange and yellow bracelet cuff.

Years ago I had a lovely grey tweed Juicy Couture pea coat. Once I couldn't fit it anymore, I decided to keep the detachable racoon fur collar, because baby I love furs! I saw it peeking in my closet and added it as a mini stole across my shoulder. I love how it matches the overall classic, vintage look. 

I'd describe this look as funky, Victorian, classic, and straight 80's.

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