Vintage Prom Dress Ideas for Prom 2017

A great thing about our current era is that everyone is breaking all the fashion rules! This includes prom season. Over the past few years on social, I've seen plenty of non-conventional prom dresses and ensembles from young men and women and I love every bit of it.

Another big trend for prom season is rocking vintage evening dresses to prom. Even if the theme for prom isn't a 1980's Vintage theme, there's still nothing wrong with standing out in the crowd and rocking a classic sequined gown straight from "back in the day"!

Here at KLTVR, we've assembled a list of vintage dresses that would be the for this years prom season. Check 'em out below!

Go sequin crazy with this Carina 1X Plus Size cyan dress

This vintage 1990's Saks Fifth Avenue dress is darling and sweet for those who want to keep it simple and cute for prom. 

For my fellow risk-takers, this animal print, black and white Jessica McClintok body con gown will definitely have you standing out in the crowd for prom. And might I add it will be bomb with bright, bold, colorful accessories!

Hashtag: #AllBlackEverything. Black is always classic and a staple color for every wardrobe. Even on prom you can slay in this 1990's Jessica Howard Evenings Petite gown.

This beauty is breathtaking and you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you in this En Francias by Huey Waltzer black and gold beaded gown.

Short dresses are a hot commodity for prom too, if you wanna show off your legs. Stenay has some of the most gorgeous vintage 1980's dresses and this blue and silver sequined piece would be a great look for any 1980's themed prom night.

If this Jordan black and hot pink gown doesn't scream 1980's, I don't know what else will!

Short, sheer, and all black could be the move for prom night, especially with a vintage 1980's Roberta gown.

I absolutely love the color champagne, especially for prom season. A Stenay beaded gown would make any lucky girls' prom absolutely magical!

If you're definitely a bold fashionista, this vintage Sherri Martin 1990's black, glitter qipao is for you!

What's your favorite piece from this list? Share below! Check out more dresses for your prom on our Etsy shop,

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