(Lil') Bow Wow Is Living In His Second Childhood

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I think we all wanted Bow Wow to win. We were rooting for him like Tyra Banks was rooting for ol' girl who she was yelled at on that one episode of ANTM. I know I was. Back in the early 2000's I was more of a Lil' Romeo fan, but Bow Wow was cool too. I never understood why people always clowned him until his more recent stunts he's been pulling on social media. I'm sure we all saw Bow Wow get "esposed" (Joseline Hernandez voice) on Twitter the other day for Instaflexing about his fake private jet when in reality he was chillin' in coach. While the photos were hilarious, it was mad sad to me. For the past few years, Bow Wow has publicly and consecutively been taking L's. From claiming to be "biracial" and from this video:

Every time there's news about him, it's always surrounded around him engaging in foolishness. Last year I wrote about dealing with a few old classmates from high school who still seemed to be stuck in their glory days of being popular and/or being in the top of the class, and having the inability to accept growth and "competition" from peers who were deemed as "less than" while we were in school.

Similarly, I see this same attitude with Bow Wow; he's still stuck in the "Bouce Wit Me" glory days. Now I'm no Iylana Vanzant, but I have been told I have been blessed with a spirit of discernment. It seems to me (and it's common sense at this point) that Bow Wow has been so accustomed to fame since his childhood, he doesn't know how to accept that the "Up Close and Personal" tour was ten years ago. To put it plain in simple; he still hasn't grown up although he seems to not want people to see him as "Lil'" anymore. Bruh has delusions of gradeur hence fronting about his pretend jet.

I've seen this trend with a lot of former child stars, including Miley "I-Don't-Twerk-No-Mo'- I-Am-Delivert" Virus Cyrus who recently announced that she was over hip-hop and its vulgarity although not too long ago she was seen on stage wearing pasties and rapping "My Neck, My Back" for attention. All in the name of being "edgy", I guess. I can't help but to notice this need to overcompensate and perhaps "prove" to fans and critics that "I'm no longer a child" all the while trying to keep the same fame-momentum that these particular celebs had while they were child stars. Unfortunately it seems like many former child stars don't know how to healthily and successfully transition from child star to adult star and bring their day-one fans with them. In the case of celebs like Bow Wow, his fans have grown up and aren't bumping "Fresh Azimiz" anymore.

I can imagine that going on tour every year, being on television and movies, and basically having the world sing your praises since you were a child is uncomfortable and strange when it all stops. I mean it's apart of your foundation. Plus, let's be honest, in a lot of cases with child stars, they have no childhood other than working. All they know is fame, so when they're not the baby faced money maker anymore, and no one cares, it can be depressing.

Bow Wow even stated in a 2016 interview with DJ Vlad that he contemplated suicide in one point at his career. All in all, I think it's best that Bow Wow accept that it isn't 2005 anymore and learn to be content with that. He's executive producing a new show "Growing Up Hip-Hop" (which also hints that he's stuck in his childhood glory days) and should take it further and team up with Jermaine Dupri and find talent. I honestly think he's a decent actor ("Lottery Ticket" was a great movie) and there's so much he can continue to pursue if he gets his act together. Learn to take a backseat and stay lowkey, stop flexing, create new glory days, and grow the hell up.

And I leave you all with this:

Do you think Bow Wow is still stuck in his childhood? Do you know people who are stuck in their Throwback Thursday glory days and wont grow the hell up? Share below!

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  1. awww poor Bow Wow, I remember Puppy Love, that was my jam many moons ago lol