Get Your Baby Phat 2-Piece Out the Storage Because 2006 Is Back: Pretty Ricky Reunited, New Music, Last Album & A Tour

Last Friday I heard the best entertainment news I've heard all year. Mid-2000's boy group Pretty Ricky is reuniting and going on tour. BITCH. I. Can't. Deal. I'm shook. I remember being in 7th grade and their first single "Grind On Me" coming out in spring of 2005 and their second single "Your Body". Yes, I was too young to be listening to them, but dammit, they were the shit! 2005 was one of my favorite summers ever, so those songs are forever some of my favorite jams. Hearing and dancing to their music at juke parties in Chicago was life. When I first heard of the group and saw the music video to "Grind On Me", I was mad confused like many other pre-teens and teens in America since I thought Pretty Ricky was one person.

For years (literally since like 2011) I've been saying that Pretty Ricky (and B2K) need to go on a reunion tour and it's finally happening. The group visited The Breakfast Club morning show last week to talk about their new single "Good Girlz".

So here are some things we found out from their interview:

  • The group is reuniting for one last album and tour. 
  • Slick 'Em is definitely the Bobby Brown of the group. He was always a wild one, so I wasn't really shocked at his commentary. 
  • The other members, mainly Pleasure P and Spectacular seem to be "over" Slick 'Em. I could just read their energy and tell they were annoyed. While he was somewhat funny, I can see how his antics were bothersome since the group is trying to make a comeback and reintroduce themselves to the game. Like fam, stop playing. Hopefully he keeps it together because I'll be damned if he ruins my teenage hood fantasies. 
  • Pleasure P told y'all to stop calling him by his slave name "Pleasure P". His name is "Marcus". 
  • Spectacular owns a company called Adwizar Inc. who's responsible for the Grump Cat meme.
  • The guys are down for B2K being added to a tour. Fizz, J-Boog, and Raz-B say they're down, however Omarion's stance is unknown as of right now since he's been doing his own thing musically. Day26 could possibly be added too. 
  • Baby Blue states that people on the outside instigated a lot of drama between the group and Pleasure P after he moved out the house. 
  • Pleasure P was like the "Ice T" of the group because of mismanagement of money and that pushed him to leave the group. He also dispelled the child molestation allegations once again.

Pleasure Marcus P, made an excellent point stating that the group did frantically break up and "left a lot on the table". Which is very true, because I was so confused when the fellas randomly broke up and new niccas named Ling-er-ie Drawls joined the group. However, Marcus did bless us with some fye r&b tracks like "Under" and "I Did You Wrong" when he went solo. Sadly, the group's main producer Static Major died in 2008. Hopefully they bring back some nostalgic feels on this last album. 

I'm stoked for this reunion tour. Back in 2005-2007 when the group was at their height, chile my mom dukes would have never let me go to one of their concerts. Talkin' 'bout some damn "age ain't nothin' but a number", "grind on me", and "5 in the mornin' having phone sex with you." Girl, bye! I was lucky to have went to Chris "Beat 'Em Down" Brown's tour back in 2007 before he lost his ever lovin' mind.

Photo: BET

Chile, I'm about to go to the thrift store and get a 2-piece Apple Bottoms outfit with the apples on the booty part, go to the mall and get a spray painted Tweety Bird shirt, fresh all white Air Force Ones, and kinky twists. Let me not forget to get a new pair of panties to throw on stage because I'm going all out for this concert. I just want my chance to show out like all the aunties who go to New Edition and Boyz II Men concerts. Just let me know when and where this concert is in Chicago and I'm in their like swimwear.

Pretty Ricky takes me back to my teenage years. Right On and Word Up! magazines, talking to boys on the phone, making up dances with friends, going to The Rink and MLK Skating Rink, juke parties. Boy I had fun as a teen. Definitely looking forward to what the group has in store.

Me at the tour they perform "Get A Little Closer":

Are you looking forward to Pretty Ricky's reunion tour? What was your favorite song from the group?



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