Remy Ma Seen In the Stu With Lil Kim. Collab Coming Soon?

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I told y'all it really seems like the female rappers from the 1990's and 2000's are the only ones who want to collaborate together. These new girls need to take notes. Anywho, Bronx rapper Remy Ma flicked it up with legendary Brooklyn rapper Lil' Kim. Both were in the studio chillin' and it seems like these two have something cooked up their sleeves.

I'm already knowing the delusional Nicki Minaj stans will say that these two are only hooking up due to them disliking the botoxed Barbie herself. Now it is possible that some of their unifying could have been inspired out of mutual dislike for Nicki, but isn't that what Nicki Minaj did with Foxy Brown at the 2011 Summer Jam? Nicki Minaj always says she loves Foxy, but we've yet to see the two together since 2011 and we damn sure ain't heard nann collab song (but she always does songs with thee wackest male rappers on the planet. That's not by coincidence.)

While Remy Ma and Lil' Kim did have beef back in 2008, the two made up in November 2014 after Remy was released from prison:


Remy Ma and Lil' Kim also united at the 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors paying tribute to female rappers and emcees.

Remy Ma is working on her second studio album Seven Winters & Six Summers set to be released sometime this year. 

Remy's been having an amazing year in hip hop. "ShEther" is going down in history, her mixtape wit Fat Joe, Plato O Plomo dropped, bringing out the old and some new school female rappers and emcess out for her Summer Jam performance, and she won Best Female Hip Hop Artist award at the BET Awards this summer (ending Nicki Minaj's six year streak due to her being the only mainstream female rapper for so long). I'm looking forward to her second album and I hope there's more mature content since she has stated she wants to talk about her time in prison and other struggles.

As for her and Lil' Kim, I'm definitely looking forward to their collaboration. I honestly hope whatever music they're working on doesn't dwell on Nicki Minaj beef because it's a waste of time, it's old news, and this collab has been highly anticipated by many hip hop fans for the longest. I want them to spit about some grown woman ish, bring some fire 2000's inspired production and samples from both of their music catalogs and show these young folk how to do it.

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