19 Year Old Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead in Rosemont Hotel Freezer #RIPKennekaMartin #JusticeforKennekaMartin

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A 19 year old young woman Kenneka Martin was found dead this weekend in a Rosemont, IL hotel freezer. After attending a hotel party with friends this weekend, Kenneka was reported missing after being intoxicated once her friends Irene Roberts and Monifah Shelton could not find her. At 12:48pm, Kenneka was pronounced dead by the Cook County medical examiner office.

The party was on the ninth floor of the Crown Plaza Hotel and Kenneka left her home at 11:30pm on Friday. She told her mother she was going to the movies and bowling instead of the hotel party. Kenneka's mother Teresa Jenkins was called at 4am on Saturday morning by Shelton and Roberts informing her that they lost Kenneka. The friends had Kenneka's cellphone and the car that Jenkins lent Kenneka for the night. According to the friends, they were preparing to leave the party and Kenneka stood in the hallway. She left her car keys and phone in the hotel room and her friends went back to find them. Once they left the hotel room with the keys and cellphone, Kenneka was not in the hallway.

At 5am, Teresa Jenkins went to the hotel to find Kenneka and contacted the Rosemont Police Department. The missing persons report was filed by Kenneka's older sister Leonore Harris. The hotel informed the family that they saw camera footage of Kenneka from 3:20am. Chicago Tribune reports that the hotel claims she was "staggering drunk near the hotel desk" in the footage.

There are a lot of holes in this story and even Kenneka's mother Teresa says that the friends' stories keep changing in the Chicago Tribute report. It seems like the police department is trying to make it seem as if Kenneka casually went inside the freezer. Mind you, this is a walk in freezer were talking about. How could someone who's "staggering drunk" pull open such a heavy freezer? And how did she get to the freezer in the first place? Where are the cameras? So many questions that need answers.

Many people are looking to the Facebook pages of Kenneka's best friend Monifah and other friend Irene who seemed to be distraught based off their statuses. Some even scrutinized Monifah's Facebook live video of the teens inside the hotel room during the party. People in the comments are stating they could hear someone saying "help me" around the 2 minute mark as someone with ripped jeans similar to what Kenneka had on that night, laid on the hotel bed across from Irene. You can see someone laying down on the reflection of Irene's sunglasses in live video. Irene is the young lady with the orange bob hair holding the camera phone.

I wouldn't put it past anyone if Kenneka was being set up because this story is bizzare across the board from the hotel room to her ending up in a freezer. A few weeks ago, another Chicago woman's rape was filmed on Snapchat after she was set up by a friend. There are so many rumors floating around. From people stating she was being raped for $200 to organ harvesting. However, most of the posts on Facebook are just hearsay for now and we need to focus on the fact that a 19 year old teenager lost her life this weekend.

While I am I'm positive that some the screenshots and live video will be helpful (because some people in Kenneka's circle are incriminating themselves heavy) to the police and investigators, let's be respectful of the family and wait for the autopsy reports and wait until more information comes out about this case. Press the Rosemont Police Department to be hands on for this case. As a Chicagoan, this story hits close to home for me and I will make it my duty to continue to follow and report this case.

Rest in peace Kenneka. Sending prayer and love to her friends and family.

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