WATCH: "Wake Me Up" Remy Ma and Lil' Kim Music Video

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Remy Ma and Lil' Kim are showing us why female rappers make the world go 'round in their newest music video "Wake Me Up". The visuals are cold, the fashions are dope, and the song is bangin'. Watch the video below:

Again, I could do without Lil' Kim's verse, and I'm saying this as a fan. She could have easily just spit a few bars from "Queen B*tch", which is the sample for the newest single. I think if she sampled Biggie's "audacity" part in "Wake Me Up", that would have been crazy! Anywho, I'm diggin' this and I'm looking forward to hearing Remy's upcoming album. I told you all in a post about Missy Elliott's "I'm Better" (Remix), it seems like only the old school female rappers and emcees care to genuinely work together. I'd love to see them all on a song together, hell even a tour would be dope. 

Some people are saying that the only reason they're working together is because Nicki Minaj is their common enemy. I'm not saying that couldn't be true to an extent, but they did make up back in 2014. Let's not forget that the only time Nicki Minaj brought her "sister" Foxy Brown out on stage was in 2011 when she and Lil' Kim had their Barbie spat. Since then, the two haven't been publically seen together nor have they worked on a project (although there are rumors about Foxy being on Nicki's upcoming album), but we have seen this with Lil' Kim and Remy Ma throughout the past three years. Nonetheless, I'd still love to see two of my favorite female rappers Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown makeup for a long awaited "Thelma and Louise" project.  

Years ago before doing her sever year bid, Lil' Kim and Remy Ma had their beef and it's cool to see them be able to put their differences aside and work together. It's also dope that Remy Ma was humble enough to pay homage to Lil' Kim by referencing the iconic song from Kim's debut album Hardcore. She even stated in an interview with the Breakfast Club, Kim doesn't receive the respect she deserves. Hoping for more dope music and visuals soon. 

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