WATCH: "No Drama" Tinashe Music Video

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Tina-she is back y'all. Last time we heard from the good sis was when she stated that the reason why her career didn't take off was due to colorism against her light skin. Looks like she's taken some advice and is taking her career by the horns because this song and video is definitlely a hit. The music video has a gritty meets glamorous aeshetic and reminds me of Ciara's 2008 song "Go Girl". I'm glad to finally see a mainstream singer and dancer because I so dearly miss rockin' choreography in music videos. This is just what I needed. Watch the video below:


It's so girly, so boppin', so raw. It screams girls night out playlist track. I can't wait to go to the club and hear this jawn. I'm dead gonna be on the dancefloor when the beat drop like: 

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What y'all think? Hit or miss? Share below!

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